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YHS33 - Wideband Headset for Yealink IP Phone

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YHS33 - Wideband Headset for Yealink IP Phone


Yealink YHS33 is the over-the-head style headset which is made for the office worker, SOHO or call center staff. It is compliant with the full range of Yealink enterprise IP phones. Its distinctive design is slim and stylish with an elegant satin finish. Its featherweight materials and ear pads made from bio-mimetic protein-based leather ensure luxurious comfort, while its unique pivoting boom delivers crystal-clear private conversations. Coupled with wideband audio technology, it delivers richer, clearer conversations, and reduces listening fatigue. What’s more, ultra noise-canceling microphone filters out background noise for perfect speech transmission. And its Quick Disconnect feature provides walkaway convenience, enabling user quickly leave for a short time or switch to other sound equipment. Yealink YHS33 stands its unique position in the market with a combination of exceptional comfort, durable lifecycle, premium quality, and brilliant sound.


Key Features and Benefits

YHS33- Headset for Yealink IP phone 

  • Wideband audio for more natural sound and clearer conversations

  • Premium audio assures quality customer communications

  • Ultra microphone noise canceling

  • Ergonomic design for all-day comfort

  • 330° pivoting microphone boom

  • Featherweight and soft ear cushions are easy on your ears

  • Over-the-head, all-day comfortable design for intensive use
    Plug and play



  • 1 x RJ9 headset jack

  • 1-meter cord line

  • Quick-disconnect (QD) cord

  • Transmit Sensitivity: -42.0 dB re. 1 V/Pa

  • Receiver Impedance: 90 Ω

  • Net weight: 50 g

  • Accessories: leather ear cushion, foam ear cushion,
    adjustable clothing clip, headset hanger



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