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RAD Airmux-Mobility

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Airmux-Mobility - Mobile Wireless Access


The Airmux-Mobility family of point-to-multipoint radios ensures continuous service to subscribers in motion with bi-directional, uninterrupted broadband connectivity on the move for offshore installations and vessels, Safe City vehicles, as well as on-board communications for trains and metros.


Airmux Mobility - Mobile Wireless Access

Real-time video surveillance transmissions, internet access, data and VoIP feeds

Ideal for oil rigs, maritime vessels, and police/patrol vehicles, Airmux-Mobility also offers a dedicated solution for rail transport. It delivers the highest throughput for on-board and train-to-track communications with guaranteed bandwidth to each railway vehicle, even on subways and monorail lines. This allows always-on communications between trains and control and operations centers for critical services such as information displays, panic buttons, PTT (push-to-talk), telemetry, ticketing machines, and video streaming.


Key Take-Aways:


  • High capacity with seamless handover between base stations
  • Multi-band - operation in a single device with a variety of channel bandwidth options
  • Bi-directional and asymmetrical bandwidth with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) per subscriber unit
  • Robust - air interface with unique interference mitigation and N-LOS operation
  • IP67 rating for severe outdoor conditions




Offshore Communications for Oil & Gas Utilities

Deliver real-time video, internet access (wiFi), telemetry, data, and VoIP to supply and service vessels.


Offshore Communications for Oil & Gas Utilities - Rad AIrmux 



Highway Communications

Backhaul high-definition video feeds and roadside display board data from remote facilities over fiber, high throughput sub-6 GHz radio links and 10-GbE rings.


Highway  Communications - Airmux-Mobility



Wireless Broadband Mobility for Trains and Metros

Deliver onboard video surveillance, infotainment, and WiFi in moving vehicles using easy-to-deploy base stations and Ethernet access switches. 


Wireless Broadband Mobility for Trains and Metros - Airmux-5000



Airport Communications

Support all data, voice and video traffic within airports, including on-the-move communications for vehicles and vessels in airports and harbors.


Airport Communications - Airmux-Mobility



Broadband Mobility for Police and Military

Deliver real-time video surveillance feeds to and from patrol staff in the field.


Broadband Mobility for Police and Military - Airmux-Mobility



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