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Bandit 3 - Industrially Hardened Security Appliance


Industrially Hardened Security Appliance

The BANDIT 3™, the latest addition to the Encore’s BANDIT™ (Broadband Access Network Device for Intelligent Termination™) family, is an industrially hardened cybersecurity appliance with integrated router, firewall, terminal server, serial to IP converter, legacy protocol conversion, and VPN functionality. Ideally suited for electric, gas, oil and water utilities, AMI/AMR, transportation, green energy, and traffic control system applications, the BANDIT 3™ ensures system data and SCADA network connections directly to the Internet, secure Wide Area Network (WAN) and/or Local Area Network (LAN), or commercial cellular data IP services.

Cybersecurity is an urgent issue in industries where advanced automation and communications networks have mission-critical applications and high reliability is of paramount importance. These industries have mandated industry-specific requirements to ensure their data networking and cyber assets are reliable and secure. The BANDIT 3™ has the necessary features to comply with the most stringent security requirements.

The BANDIT 3™ supports up to 6 serial RS232 ports, integrated four-port fully managed Ethernet switch, selectable power supplies and redundancy options, and an optional integrated V.92 modem. In addition, the BANDIT 3™ supports two expansion slots supporting optional digital connectivity modules such as Fiber, Ethernet DMZ, T1/E1 CSU/DSUs, 56/64K CSU/DSU, MPLS, or 4 wire E&M, allowing for connectivity to microwave, satellite, IP, Frame Relay/MPLS services, analog radio and/or cellular connectivity modules allowing connectivity to public carrier secure cellular data services. Supported cellular interfaces include CDMA 1X/EVDO Rev A and GSM GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA.


Application Example

Bandit 3 - Application



Bandit 3 - Product View

Bandit 3  - Product View



Bandit 3™ Summary Points


  • Industrial hardened cybersecurity appliance

  • IP Sec with DES, 3DES, and AES (256)

  • Manageability (Monitoring and Configuration)

  • Provides connectivity over any network (MPLS/Frame Relay or IP network to include Fiber, Ethernet, VSAT)

  • Cellular connectivity options - 3G, LTE Only, XLTE w/ 3G Fallback

  • Up to 6 serial ports for legacy traffic support

  • Alarm Ports

  • Legacy protocol support - serial and IP conversion


*Specifications subject to change without notice



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