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RDU - Remote Data Unit


Remote Data Unit

The Remote Data Unit (RDU™) is a high-density serial port expander module that has 12 DB25 serial ports and 1 Ethernet port. The RDU™ is available for use with the VSR 1200™ product for serial port expansion. Each serial port on this module can handle both sync/ async legacy data protocols, supporting up to 240 remote terminals per RDU™, with the assumption of 10 sites per serial port. 

The connectivity between the RDU™ module and the VSR 1200™ takes place over a 10baseT Ethernet port providing flexible mounting locations.

The VSR 1200™ is integrated with best-of-breed IP VPN features, IP routing, advanced QoS, dynamic packet inspection firewall, embedded address management capabilities, and legacy data support via a high-density RDU™ serial module. Such flexibility provides stateful-inspection firewall, with the scalable performance needed for the most demanding network applications.


Application - Serial Application Diagram - Multi-Network


RDU - Remote Data Unit - Application


Each serial port on the RDU™ is a DB25 female connector, physical DCE RS-232. A DB25-to- DB25 crossover conversion cable is to be used if a physical DTE interface is required. The front of the RDU™ has 12 LEDs, one for each serial port. Table 2-10 describes the LED states for the RDU’s serial ports.



Figure 1. Remote Data Unit, Front

RDU  - Front View


Figure 2. Remote Data Unit, Rear

RDU  - Rear View


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