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The SMS Campaigner product application is designed for creating, running and managing advanced SMS campaigns for a wide variety of businesses and needs. Hypermedia's SMS Campaigner HG-7300 boasts an intuitive user interface that makes creating advanced marketing campaigns into a task.


Hypermedia SMS Campaigner - HG-7300

SMS Campaigner
A desktop web-based Mass-Market solution for SMS distribution and communication (bulk SMS), Hypermedia's SMS Campaigner is aimed for:

  • Call Centers
  • Advertising & Marketing Agencies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Service Providers
  • Includes:
    Two-way communication
    Advanced monitoring and statistics
    Message handling (edit, add, etc.)
    IMR - receive preset replies and send a new message based on it (with statistics)


Major Advantages:
The new Hypermedia SMS Campaigner is an add-on application for the SMS Pro Gateway series. It utilizes the SMS Pro Gateway for mass-messaging to clients or workers.

System Features:

IMR – sending a second message to a recipient, based on their reply

Send campaigns immediately or use the time-based schedule

Option to repeat a campaign through the scheduler


User Interface:
A flexible and intuitive web-based user interface

  • Reports & monitoring for sent and received messages
  • Acknowledgments for failed, pending and sent messages


Reports & Monitoring:

  • Status of sent messages (failed, pending, delivered, etc.)
  • Export campaign reports to a CSV file
  • A time frame for reports of up to the last two months is available
  • Extended alerting to a single administrator or multiple


Campaign Management:
Ability to prioritize campaigns

  • An opt-out option enables recipients to stop further messaging
  • Ability to set a threshold for credit balance


Personal campaigner:
An extension of the built-in SMS Sender

  • Send a message to a single recipient or multiple
  • Create users and groups for quick management of the recipients' list
  • A large selection of emojis
  • 2-way messaging in a chat-like interface




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