Hyper SIM offers several tools for the prevention of blockage and the improvement of statistics, all to assist you to get the most of any given SIM, by prolonging its life and ensuring that only destinations with a good enough ACD/ASR are dialed out, blocking bad destination numbers and even sources that send too many "bad" numbers. Hyper SIM accomplishes that using a dynamic blacklist and channel binding.


Hypermedia Hyper SIM for Cellular Gateways

Hyper SIM

In order to combat blockage from the GSM providers and to improve statistics, HyperMedia Systems offers a new solution, based on blocking of robot numbers with low ACD/ASR, as well as attempting to re-dial the same numbers out the same cellular modules.

  • Detection and blockage of “robot numbers”.
  • Blockage of destination and/or source numbers that have low ACD or ASR.
  • Binding a destination number to a GSM port, to better simulate human behavior.
  • Limiting the maximum number of concurrent calls to the Gateway, to assist channel binding. 


Dynamic Blacklist

The Gateway analyzes outgoing traffic and based on a pre-configured ACD and ASR thresholds, blocks the destination number from being dialed and can even block sources that send too much "bad" traffic (low ACD or ASR). Robot numbers usually display very short ACD, so blocking low ACD numbers will prevent them from operating and thus – blocking SIMs. On the other hand, low ASR will cause the VoIP carrier to "demote" the Gateway and to send less traffic to it.

Channel Binding

Normally, a person will call mostly the same numbers from his phone. Likewise – a cell phone is usually called to from the same numbers. Channel binding simulates that by trying to dial the same destinations from the same GSM modules, giving the appearance of regular communications.

Maximum Concurrent Calls

Complementing the Channel Binding is the ability to set the maximum number of concurrent calls. For Channel Binding to operate effectively, the Gateway needs to have free modules, so when a bound number comes in to be dialed out, the associated GSM channel will be free to dial the call out.




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