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OTP with HyperID

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Stronger authentication is to made up of something you know: like a pin number or a password and something you have such as mobile phone combine the two of them to get Two Factor Authentication for stronger authentication.

Hypermedia One Time Password OTP Solution 

VASCO’s robust authentication server

VASCO’s robust authentication server, delivered on Hypermedia’s advanced OTP broadcast platform, provides enhanced database security. It offers a cost-effective and user-friendly strong authentication experience. HyperID is a highly resilient solution, delivering top performances for the most demanding customers. This on-premises SIM-based appliance broadcasts SMS and voice OTPs on a variety of public media networks (GSM/ 3G, PSTN, and VoIP) for maximum redundancy with advanced Least Cost Routing (LCR). This provides fast ROI and maximum uptime.


How does it work?

HyperID is a hardware-based appliance placed in the customer’s Data Center that leverages the natural database security within the Firewall DMZ and broadcasts the OTP directly to the end user’s wireless or fixed device without any intermediary service. Since the IDENTIKEY server is hosted on the HyperID appliance, the use of third party ISP or SMS aggregators is eliminated. All SMS-OTP messages and Voice-OTP calls are sent directly through the existing telecom Service Provider taking advantage of special corporate telephony tariffs, GSM (VPN), Fixed-Line tariffs and VoIP operators, thus eliminating third party charges and translated to short term ROI.


Why HyperID?

  • Database security and integrity
  • Short term ROI
  • Mobile VPN (corporate)
  • No monthly contract for connectivity
  • Low-cost provisioning/deployment
  • Fast deployment – no need to separate install
  • Low TCO will license management
  • QoS
  • Real-time VOICE or SMS
  • Channel and media redundancy
  • Multiple outbound channels
  • Service even if the phone was lost
  • Reports and statistics
  • Complies with US Gov. regulation for the handicapped (L4)

HyperID main features

  • Support any mobile phone or smartphone
  • Support tablets
  • Complete OTP solution in one appliance
  • Support both SMS and VOICE OTP
  • Customer Premises Equipment for maximum database protection
  • Plug-it and be Identified
  • High delivery assurance by managing and controlling the OTP delivery method, providing both backup and redundancy
  • Cross-platform, supporting both Mobile, Fixed-line and VoIP phones
  • Monitoring tools for statistics and delivery status

System featuresHypermedia HyperID OTP Security Solution

  • Two size chassis: 3U & 6U
  • Supports: GSM/PSTN (E1/T1 PRI and BRI)/VoIP
  • Modular
  • N+1 Scalable
  • IDENTIKEY integrated
  • Web Management and Control
  • Redundancy


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