Hypermedia SIM Server- HG-9000

SIM Server

Hypermedia's Corporate SIM Server allows SIM card safekeeping, centralized management, and automated SIM swapping of large No's of SIMs. It enables customers to utilize a wide range of Hypermedia gateways (i.e. GSM/VoIP, GSM/PRI, GSM/BRI, GSM/SMS) and enjoy a Geographically Distributed Architecture at its best!

The Hypermedia SIM Server brings together the best management functionalities, including; remote hosting, advanced maintenance, security and more. The solution's topology allows the entire management operations to be carried out from a central location even if the GSM gateways are deployed in various locations (i.e., inland and worldwide).


Major Advantages:

  • Intuitive and powerful centralized management solution
  • Multi-criteria allocation rules by SIM card group
  • Dynamic SIM swap
  • Quick SIM card management
  • Unique contingency configuration - enables a standalone Gateway operation with local SIMs, in case communication with the SIM Server is lost
  • Enables centralized management solution of the SIM card resources for a more cost-effective telecom operation and maintenance.
  • Enables a centrally managed and geographically distributed GSM front-end that accommodates insufficient GSM network resources.
  • Provides better security and protection of business corporate and service providers' economic resources


System Features:

  • Maximize SIM price plan usage and special dynamic tariffs
  • Ease of use - does not require a high skill set to manage
  • Secure architecture
  • Create SIM allocation to the relevant Gateway
  • Up to 416 SIM cards per single SIM Array
  • Highly scalable architecture and topology
  • Specifically designed for multi-operator and cross country deployment



Smart SIM Rack (Master Array Box, Max 160 SIMs)

  • The basic version of the SIM server includes 160 SIM cards in 5 blades.
  • Provides an advanced and intuitive user interface to manage the allocation of SIM cards to the various GSM/UMTS Gateways.
  • The administrator receives a real-time view of SIM card availability and in turn, can allocate and exchange SIM cards via the admin privileges.
  • Provides an integrated interface, which manages the arrays and their SIM cards in correlation with the remote gateways and their ports.


SIM Array (SIM Card Bank, Max 416 SIMs)

  • Can include up to 416 SIM cards per chassis.
  • It is distributed in up to 13 hot-swappable SIM card boards.
  • Several SIM arrays can be controlled by a single SIM Server Management Application.
  • The SIM cards are plugged on to a SIM card board.


Array Card

A single board can store up to 32 SIMs.
The boards automatically detect SIM cards and perform hot swapping.


GSM Gateways

The Hypermedia HG-7000, HG-4000, HG-3000 and HG-2000 GSM Gateway Series are unique, modular GSM gateways, scalable from 4 up to 72 GSM channels.
The gateways are available in a 3U or 6U 19” rack-mountable chassis and support E1/T1 PRI, ISDN BRI, and VoIP (H.323/SIP) interfaces



The SIM Server deployment is managed by an enhanced user interface. With the Hypermedia SIM management solution, SIM cards are not located in GSM gateways but rather hosted and centralized in one place. SIM management becomes quick and easy, and SIM cards can be stored in a secure place.

The SIM server also enables to run prepaid SIM cards. When SIM credit becomes low, the SIM cards get stamped "to be recharged" and parked ready for further use.


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