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What is a Cellular Gateway

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What is a Cellular Gateway?


Communications is the backbone of any business. Simply making phone calls is one of the leading expenditures whether you're a corporation, enterprise or a service provider. In the past, your only option was the traditional telephone company and landlines.

Basic Telephone Network Application for Business

Voice over IP (VoIP) became available as a new option to make low-cost telephone calls. The cost savings were very good, but the Voice quality and an Internet connection could cause outages or low-quality communications.

Telephone Access with VoIP Application

Cellular Gateways came along an allowed businesses to access the Cellular Phone network. By attaching to an existing PBX or Phone System, you now have the choice of where your telephone calls go, how much you can save and the best quality for your needs.

Business Telephone, VOIP and Cellular Gateway Application