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Cellular Over POTS Telephone Lines

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POTS(Plain Old Telephone Service) lines are being disconnected everywhere. Don't get caught without a back up solution. Leave your older equipment in place and install one of our GFX11 units to convert your POTS lines to cellular.

If your land lines are getting too expensive and you still need to connect older telephony equipment to the rest of the world, this product is for you. With the GFX11, you can connect your land line equipment directly to cell service instead.

The Matrix GFX11 series is great for:

• Elevator Emergency circuits
• PBX Connection and Backup
• Fire and Burgler Alarms
• ATM Centers
• Hospitals
• Shopping Malls

Matrix ELEV App

Additional Features:

  • Allowed and Denied Lists
  • Automatic Number Translation (ANT)
  • Hot Line
  • Multi-stage Dialing
  • Network Selection
  • Polarity Reversal
  • Quad-band, LTE Support
  • Compact and Sturdy
  • CLI Display
  • Signal Strength Indication

Matrix GFX11E 4G Data Sheet

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