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Cel-Fi Compass

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Cel-Fi Compass - RF Site Surveying and Installation Tool


The Cel-Fi COMPASS is an RF site utility that enables installers and integrators to install and optimize Cel-Fi equipment. This will include Cel-Fi public safety boosters and the Cel-Fi QUATRA that previously required an internet connection to be commissioned and managed.


     Cel-Fi Compass - RF Site Surveying and Installation Tool


Key Features

  • Handheld RF installation tool
  • Cel-Fi WAVE PRO app is the user-interface (see details below)
  • Deep 3G/4G LTE service scanner
  • 698 – 2700 MHz
  • Rugged rubberized exo-skeleton
  • FDD/TDD Support
  • Battery-powered
  • SMA connectors



Cel-Fi Compass - RF Site Surveying and Installation Tool




Cel-Fi WAVE PROCel-Fi Wave PRO Application


The Cel-Fi COMPASS is controlled by the Cel-Fi WAVE PRO app via Bluetooth LE. The Cel-Fi COMPASS can also connect via Ethernet to the Cel-FI QUATRA Network Unit. The app is free to download from the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.

Installation Features (when connected to a Cel-Fi QUATRA):

Activate/Deactivate the system
Update software
Change Antenna Settings
Set the bands to relay
Change IP Settings

Optimization Features:

Antenna Position test (when connected to a Directional Antenna with the Cel-Fi Antenna Mount)
Full Signal Report (when connected to an Antenna)
Serving Cell Report (when connected to an Antenna)
Speed Test






Tech Specs


Go RED Line Drawing application











Model: K03-100-100




Height: 64mm
Width: 113mm
Length: 210mm


Main Processor: Single Board Linux Computer
Battery Charger: Included
Rechargeable Battery: 8000 mAh, 3.7V


SIM Access: Yes
Charging: Micro USB
LAN Port: RJ45
Main Antenna: Reverse-polarity SMA-Female
MIMO Antenna: Reverse-polarity SMA-Female
Power Button: Yes
LED’s: Power and Modem

Accessories & Soft Case

Antenna adaptor: N-type Female to RP-SMA Male
Antenna adaptor: 4.3-10 Female to RP-SMA Male
Whip antenna: 600 MHz – 2.7 GHz
5V, 2A USB charger: Included


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