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DANZ Monitoring Fabric

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Danz Monitoring Fabric - Arista Networks


Predictive, App-aware, Flow Intelligence for Pervasive Analytics

DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF) is a next-generation network packet broker (NPB) architected for pervasive, organization-wide visibility and security, delivering multi-tenant monitoring-as-a-service. DMF enables IT operators to pervasively monitor all application traffic by gaining complete visibility into physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Deep hop-by-hop visibility, predictive analytics, and scale-out packet capture — integrated through a single dashboard — enables simplified network performance monitoring (NPM) and SecMon workflows for real-time and historical context, delivering a one-stop visibility solution for on-premise data centers, enterprise campus/branch, and 4G/5G mobile networks.


 DANZ Monitoring Fabric - Arista Networks


DMF leverages cloud principles to architect a new class of Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) for pervasive hybrid-cloud visibility. Powered by software-defined networking (SDN) controls, DMF provides a scale-out fabric design based on merchant silicon hardware, with integrated analytics and packet recording intelligence. Advanced traffic processing functions, including regex filtering, deduplication, slicing, masking, flow data generation/collection, and application recognition are provisioned through a single DMF fabric controller. Traffic can be aggregated and load-balanced to centrally located tools. Policies can be applied fabric-wide. And troubleshooting can be performed with a few clicks. DMF also provides role-based access controls, event thresholds and alerts, application dependency mapping, and machine learning for comprehensive, predictive insights.


Traditional Network Packet Broker vs. DANZ Monitoring Fabric


Traditional Network Packet Broker

  • Box-by-box operations.
  • Scale-up, hardware-constrained design.
  • Chassis refresh extremely complex.
  • Limited functions need 3rd-party tools.
  • Proprietary, vendor lock-in.
  • Expensive.

DMF - One Logical Network Packet Broker

  • Zero-touch fabric operations via DMF controller.
  • Scale-out, universal fabric design.
  • Fabric modularity simplifies change management.
  • Integrated analytics and recorder functions.
  • Multi-vendor.
  • Ethernet and x86 Economics.



DMF Experience - Modular, Automated, Insightful

App or Network Issue? 

Arista DMF Experience 

  • Rapid root-cause analysis for maximum uptime
  • Centralized hop-by-hop troubleshooting to dramatically reduce network “mean time to innocence”.
  • Enables application-aware drill-down to pinpoint unexpected connectivity issues, due to increased latency or packet drops.
  • Integrates real-time and historical analytics for contextual insights on application trends.
  • Uncovers network hotspots with extensive dashboard views for rapid root-cause analysis.




Empower IT with Network Time Machine

Record and replay for security and performance monitoring


Arista DMF Experience - Network Time Machine

  • Integrates real-time analytics with record and replay of app/network traffic, for comprehensive security and performance monitoring.
  • Empowers NetOps/SecOps with simplified end-to-end workflows driven by a single GUI dashboard.
  • The modern, scale-out architecture delivers plug-and-play extensibility for increased capacity and performance.
  • Presents richer and actionable insights by rapidly correlating real-time events with historical data.






 Arista DMF Experience - Predictive Analytics for Autonomous IT

Predictive Analytics for Autonomous IT

Deep learning for automated IT operations and insights


  • Leverages Machine Learning and advanced statistical modeling for predictive network and application analytics.
  • Telemetry through event-driven analytics and real-time network state enables automatic detection of security and performance anomalies.
  • Intelligent alert and notification engine provides real-time issue tracking and dramatically improves “mean time to resolution”.
  • Simplifies capacity planning by revealing hidden network data patterns via historical, real-time, and predictive dashboards.








DMF Visibility - Application-Aware, Latency-Aware, Flow-Aware

Application Dependency Mapping for Enhanced Reachability Analysis

Arista DMF Visibility- Application Dependency Mapping 

Visualizations for app-to-app communications


  • Discovers, visualizes, and optimizes critical business service dependency mapping to minimize adverse business impact.
  • Drives troubleshooting agility by visualizing application dependency mapping to locate service performance issues.
  • Streamlines application service capacity planning by identifying choke points leveraging ADM with historical data.
  • Automatically detects and alerts application service.






Scale-Out Network Performance Monitoring

Arista DMF Visibility- Scale-Out Network Performance Monitoring

On-demand traffic visibility at any scale


  • Scale-out network visibility with the integrated deployment of analytics nodes, service nodes, and recorder nodes.
  • Institutes a “Build as you grow” model leveraging horizontal scale-out fabric architecture using industry-standard switches and servers.
  • Simplifies visibility and security with scale-out automation for workload monitoring.
  • Eliminates tool silos by centralizing tool farms leveraging one logical network packet broker.







Comprehensive Flow Intelligence

Arista DMF Visibility- Comprehensive Flow Intelligence

Flow data generation, analysis, and visualization


  • Presents enterprise-wide actionable insights, deep visibility, and security analytics via intuitive, flow- aware dashboards.
  • Provides comprehensive hop-by-hop views of application flows across the network.
  • Enables packet-level drill-down for fine-grained L4- L7 security and behavioral analytics.
  • Accelerates forensic investigations and compliance initiatives by creating an audit trail of historical network events.








DMF Operations - Intent-Based, Zero-Touch, Multi-Tenant

Intent-Based Monitoring

Arista DMF Operations- Intent Based Monitoring

Declarative policy management


  • Business intent translated to intuitive monitoring policies for rapid, fabric-wide provisioning at scale.
  • The resilient design ensures policy intent in the event of device/link failure for continuous visibility.
  • Expresses security intent through programmatic integration with security tools, for rapid threat detection and mitigation and capacity planning.
  • Real-time intent verification and predictive analytics for health assessment, resource utilization, and capacity planning.






Zero Touch Monitoring Fabric

Arista DMF Operations- Zero Touch Monitoring Fabric

Built-in workflows for Day 0/Day 1/Day 2 Operations


  • Rapid Day 0 deployment through auto-discovery and auto-provisioning of switches and auto-formation of one logical packet broker fabric.
  • Faster Day 1 change management for the ongoing switch and cable replacements, and fabric-wide software upgrades.
  • Speed-up Day 2 with intent-driven or API-triggered workflows enabling automated network-to-tool provisioning for packet and flow analysis.
  • Comprehensive fabric life-cycle management from one dashboard — never touch a switch.









Arista DMF Operations- Monitoring-as-a-Service

Centralized policy multi-tenancy and delegated administration


  • Traffic isolation and administrative separation enable cloud-style monitoring-as-a-service compliance and regulatory governance.
  • Rapidly partition DMF into multiple logical NPB fabrics dedicated per tenant compliance and regulatory governance.
  • Dramatically Reduce TCO by leveraging shared resources across multiple monitoring teams' compliance and regulatory governance.
  • Permits separation of duties between infrastructure teams and tool owners to meet compliance and regulatory governance.






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