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Cel-Fi Cellular coverage repeaters/extenders, antenna, and mounting Kit Data Sheets


Below you will find all Cel-Fi product line data sheets in PDF formatpdf.

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Product Model Category Description
QUATRA 1000 In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 Coverage Extender
QUATRA 2000 In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi Quatra 2000 Coverage Extender
QUATRA 4000 In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi Quatra 4000 Coverage Extender
SOLO In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi Solo Coverage Extender
GO X In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi Go/Go+ Coverage Extender
GO M In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi Go/Go+ Coverage Extender
GO Stationery In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi Go Stationary Coverage Extender
PRO In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi Pro Coverage Extender
DUO In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi DUO/DUO+ Coverage Extender
DUO+ In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi DUO/DUO+ Coverage Extender
Prime In-building/IoT/Remote Cel-Fi Prime Coverage Extender
GO Mobile Cars/Trucks/RVs/Boats Cel-Fi GO Mobile Coverage Extender
GO RED Public Safety Cel-Fi GO RED Coverage Extender
COMPASS Tools Cel-Fi COMPASS RF Survey Tool
Antenna 1 Antennas Cel-Fi Wideband MIMO Panel Antenna
Antenna 2 Antennas Cel-Fi Wideband Directional Antenna
Antenna 3 Antennas Cel-Fi Wideband Panel Antenna
Antenna 4 Antennas Cel-Fi Indoor Omni Antenna
Antenna 5 Antennas Cel-Fi Wideband Omni Donor Antenna
Antenna 6 Antennas Cel-Fi Mobile Donor Antenna
Antenna 7 Antennas Cel-Fi Mobile Server Antenna
Antenna 8 Antennas Cel-Fi Whip Antenna
Antenna 9 Antennas Cel-Fi HP Whip Antenna
Antenna 10 Antennas Cel-Fi Marine Antenna
Antenna 11 Antennas Cel-Fi Trucker Antenna
Antenna 12 Antennas Cel-Fi LDPA Antenna
Antenna 13 Antennas Cel-Fi HP Server Antenna
Antenna Mount Mounts/Accessories Cel-Fi Antenna Mount
Pole Mount Mounts/Accessories Cel-Fi Pole Mount
QUATRA SCI Mounts/Accessories Cel-Fi QUATRA Small Cell Interface
QUATRA RE Mounts/Accessories Cel-Fi QUATRA Range Extender


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