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EN-1000 LTE CAT 1 Cellular Router


LTE CAT 1 Cellular Router

The Encore Networks EN-1000™ high-performance router is the first commercial-grade router developed for LTE Category 1 (CAT 1) service. Like all LTE services, CAT 1 provides a low-latency broadband connection, but CAT 1 speeds capped at 10 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up (DSL speeds). These speeds are faster than typical 3G services but the EN-1000™ price point is lower than most 3G and competing 4G equipment. This makes the EN-1000™ on LTE CAT 1 an ideal replacement for aging 3G cellular data equipment and a low-cost entry point into 4G.

The EN-1000™ is an attractively priced LTE router for value-conscious users new to cellular applications or those looking to bridge the gap between 3G and 4G technologies. For a fraction of the cost of other 4G hardware, users can have the reliability of LTE at speeds adequate for several applications including business continuity, digital signage, point-of-sale, kiosk operation, and other data-dependent applications. Like all of the EN™ Series cellular routers, the EN-1000™ provides exceptional features at a value price. The EN™ Series routers come with a three-year hardware warranty, an intuitive GUI interface, built-in Firewall, VPN support, and advanced IP routing protocols like DMNR, GRE, and IPsec. 


In addition, all of the EN™ Series routers can be monitored and managed with Encore’s enterprise management system enCloud™. enCloud™ offers many features that will make managing your entire network of EN™ Series routers easier, including Cellular data limit enforcement for individual and group data plans, included firmware updates, no-touch deployment for new hardware, and reseller and customer tiers to assist in delivering managed network services for multiple customers.

EN-1000 Application


EN-1000™ Prime Applications


  • ATMs

  • Retail Point-of-Sale

  • Kiosks

  • Remote payment processing

  • Digital Signage

  • Electronic Gaming

  • Remote access and control


Key Features and Benefits to enCloud™


  • Ideal upgrade path for 2G or 3G, LTE reliability at a 2G price

  • Excellent for secure, low bandwidth transactions and monitoring

  • Distributed Enterprise Support for a variety of networks providing “always-on” service

  • License-free, VRRP, DMNR, GRE and IPsec

  • VPN (tunnel, NAT-T, and Dead Peer Detection)

  • Cloud Management through enCloud™

  • Pass-Through/Bridge Operation for direct connection to the Internet



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