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enSite™ On-Premises Enterprise Management System

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enSite™ On-Premises Enterprise Management System


Monitor and Manage EN Series Routers

enSite™, the highly Secure Device Management system for Private Networks is part of the growing list of enhancements to Encore’s enCloud™ Enterprise Management System

Manage Data Usage enSite


Encore Networks enCloud™ platform has enabled IT professionals to proactively monitor their network of Encore routers for several years. Its tools allow for an in-depth understanding of the behavior of Encore devices and for the deployment of configurations and firmware remotely across networks of all sizes. The power that was once only available on the public internet is now available on a localized server that can be deployed for use in a private or closed network.

enSite™ Enterprise Security Management System is a version of enCloud™ that is installable on local servers for companies with no cloud policy. With laws in place that require extra security for infrastructure providers and the need for security in law enforcement, there is a growing need for applications that offer elevated levels of security, while still being able to accommodate mobile deployments. Remote surveillance, utility monitoring, law enforcement, positive train control, and medical concerns all require mobile solutions with the highest level of protection. The best way to ensure both security and mobility is with Private cellular networks and a premises-based management system. This allows for the secure transmission of data as well as the secure storage of data while maintaining the ability to manage and update mobile devices.

enSite™ provides secure management of EN™ series devices, for deployments of any size from 200 locations to greater than ten thousand. The enSite™ platform scales to fit specific needs. enSite™ servers can be installed on a hardware platform to match the current deployment environment and can be managed locally. Devices deployed on a private network through a cellular carrier can now be securely managed through enSite™ instead of being exposed to
the risks of a public network. To additionally empower enterprise deployments, enSite™ supports an API so that other enterprise applications can pull data from enSite™. This allows enterprise reporting systems already in existence to make use of the information provided by enSite™ giving further insight into operations at each site.

The enSite™ software is available for deployments of varying size. Each level includes training and ongoing software updates. On-site support and training are available for all tiers. Additional customization or integration of the enSite™ platform with existing internal systems is also available. An assigned enSite™ administrator will have access to the support team at Encore Networks and will aid in integration, support and customization activities. This person will be the on-site resource for all things enSite™ and will assist in ensuring the enSite™ deployment continues to operate smoothly.


Manage Data Usage enCloud



Key Features and Benefits to enSite™


  • Local hosting, administration, and control

  • Server hardware selection

  • Secure control of stored data with built-in backup procedures

  • In-person and on-premise support options

  • No out of network communications required


Key Features and Benefits to enCloud™


  • Zero-touch deployment for new devices

  • Cellular data usage management for individual and group data plans

  • Restrict or throttle cellular data speeds to prevent overages

  • Uptime, usage and sensor reports

  • Monitor and manage all EN™ routers within a completely closed network (EN-1000, EN-2000, EN-4000)

  • No requirement for an external gateway



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