NetVanta 1544 - Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch - 1702544G1



The NetVanta 1544 is a managed, 28-port, Layer 3, Gigabit Ethernet switch designed as an access layer or network backbone switch for small to medium businesses. With the combination of the advanced multi-layer switching fabric, high-bandwidth capabilities, and enhanced Quality of Service features, the NetVanta 1544 is ideal as an aggregation switch for high-bandwidth VoIP, Gigabit-to-the-Desktop deployments, and converged voice and data networks.

NetVanta 1544 - 1702544G1



The NetVanta 1544 rackmount switch provides 28 Gigabit Ethernet ports, consisting of 24 fixed 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports and four 2.5 Gbps Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) ports located on the back. Together the four SFP ports can provide up to 20 Gbps of bandwidth between interconnected NetVanta 1544 switches. ”Half-rack” in size, you can scale to 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and eight SFP optical ports using two NetVanta 1544 switches side-by-side in a single 19-inch rack space.

Multi-layer Switching

The NetVanta 1544 supports advanced multi-layer (Layer 2 and Layer 3) switching. It supports static routes, RIP V1/V2, OSPF, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), allowing it to easily scale from small businesses to enterprise-sized networks.

Standards Protocols

Based on the ADTRAN® Operating System (AOS), this device supports Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) which auto-discovers neighboring Ethernet devices, simplifying integration into multi-vendor environments.

VoIP Ready

NetVanta 1544 has been designed specifically for VoIP. The ability to automatically configure IP phones using LLDP-MED, and the ability to separate voice traffic onto voice VLANs, helps ease the deployment of VoIP.

Quality of Service

NetVanta switches also support QoS to prioritize mission-critical traffic like VoIP and control network congestion. NetVanta 1544 offers 802.1p and DiffServ Class of Service (CoS). It also supports frame tagging, as well as enforcement of tagged traffic received from trusted sources. Four egress queues (per port) are available for assigning traffic priorities using Weighted Round Robin (WRR) and Strict Priority Scheduling.



Key Features:


  • 28-port multi-layer Gigabit Ethernet aggregation switch
  • 24-Gigabit Ethernet ports and four SFP optical ports
  • Four enhanced 2.5 Gbps SFP ports
  • Line-rate Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching
  • Static routes, RIP V1/V2, OSPF and BGP
  • Desktop security audit
  • DHCP network forensics
  • VRRP
  • 802.1Q VLANs, Private VLANs and VLAN assignment via 802.1x
  • Advanced QoS with support for 802.1p and DiffServ prioritization with four queues per egress port
  • Automate actions with Port Scheduler and TCL scripting
  • VoIP ready with LLDP/ LLDP-MED and voice VLANs
  • Business-class security with RADIUS, TACACS+, 802.1x and port security
  • Cable and SFP diagnostics provides easy to use troubleshooting tools for copper and fiber cable
  • Familiar CLI and Web GUI
  • Next business day advance replacement
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Optimized for iSCSI Storage Area Networks (SANs) deployments


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