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Total Access 5000 VDSL2 48-Port Access Module with Vectoring - 1187133F1

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Total Access 5000 VDSL2 48-Port Access Module with Vectoring - 1187133F1


Carriers are moving to simplify and advance the deployment of their next-generation networks. The ADTRAN® Total Access® 5000 VDSL2 Access Module provides carriers with a single slot module that offers 48 ports and provides the operator with the flexibility of providing either overlay or DSL-only services. This allows carriers to optimize their network infrastructure, providing simplified deployment and provisioning options and lowering overall operational cost. Fully configurable to support up to 48 ports of VDSL2, the Total Access 5000 VDSL2 access module supports a 5-band profile of 8a through 8d, 12a, 12b, and 17a for flexible VDSL2 deployments. In addition, the 48-Port VDSL2 module also supports standard fallback modes including ADSL2+, ADSL2, ADSL, READSL2, and G.Lite. Flexible and configurable, the VDSL2 Access Module allows operators to configure both upstream and downstream transmission rates or allows the interfaces to adapt to the best possible rates on the subscriber loop. The 48-Port VDSL2 access module also supports IGMP proxy and snooping for critical IPTV applications. With networks transitioning to IPv6 addressing schemes, the 48-Port VDSL2 access module provides a seamless upgrade path for network operators. The 48-Port VDSL2 access module supports IPv6/DHCPv6, with Light-weight DHCP Relay sub-options 9 and 18 for subscriber access authentication.


     Total Access 5000 VDSL2 48-Port Access Module with Vectoring - 1187133F1


Advanced Vectoring Technology

The 48-Port VDSL2 access module supports the latest in vectoring technology compliant with ITU-T G.993.5 (G.vector) which can up to double the bandwidth on short loops. Vectoring improves performance by canceling the crosstalk from all VDSL2 ports on the access module (and across up to four 48-port access modules with the addition of a system-level vectoring resource module).

The 48-Port VDSL2 access module also incorporates flexible any-to-any port bonding allowing operators to deploy legacy ADSL2+ ATM bonded services, as well as advanced VDSL2 and ADSL2+ PTM, bonded services to the customer premises.

The 48-Port VDSL2 access module supports craft interface management via the Total Access 5000 System Controller Module (SCM). More comprehensive management is available using ADTRAN’s AOE. All provisioning data is supported through the SCM communications link. All provisioning data is stored in non-volatile memory for recovery after a power loss and auto-provisioning is supported via the SCM.



Key Features:


  • Full backward compatibility with existing ADSL modems
  • Supports separately configurable interface rates for upstream and downstream
  • Supports VDSL2 and ADSL2+ PTM Bonding
  • Supports ADSL2+ ATM Bonding
  • IPv6/DHCPv6, LRDA Capable
  • DSL Auto Fallback Capable
  • Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) proxy
  • Supports Transparent LAN Services (TLS)
  • Up to 1,008 ports per Total Access 5000
  • Supported by Total Access Advanced Operational Environment (AOE)/Element Management System (EMS)




Total Access 5000 VDSL2 48-Port Access Module with Vectoring - 1187133F1 - Application 


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