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Total Access 1100F - 1179761L2

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Total Access 1100F Media Converter, Line Powered, with Electrical Expansion Port - 1179761L2


The Total Access 1100F is an Outside Plant hardened Ethernet aggregation unit. It serves up to four Total Access 1148 OSP DSLAMs or Total Access 1248 Mini-DSLAMs, logically combining them into a single, high-bandwidth Ethernet/IP DSLAM. The Total Access 1100F provides the high bandwidth uplinks, Ethernet aggregation functions, fiber, and copper system interconnects, and video enabling functions like Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) proxy for multicast replication. Additionally, it provides an array of security features needed to enable and protect triple-play service delivery through Total Access 1148 or Total Access 1248 DSLAMs. Carriers can deploy Total Access 1148 or Total Access 1248 IMA-fed DSLAMs today and then migrate to triple-play service delivery with the simple addition of the Total Access 1100F.


     Total Access 1100F - 1179761L2


Enclosed, secure and redundancy

The Total Access 1100F is enclosed in an environmentally sealed housing that is fully OSP compliant. A single unit will support up to four Total Access 1148 or Total Access 1248 DSLAMs for a total subscriber density of up to 192 ports. Dual Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) network uplinks are provided to interface the core switch/router. Two hardware options exist for the four subtending connections from the Total Access 1100F: one with SFP slots that allow for fiber expansion, copper expansion, or both, and another option that has four fixed copper expansion ports. Access technologies supported include ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and VDSL2, through appropriate Total Access 1148 and Total Access 1248 DSLAMs. The Total Access 1100F and associated Total Access 1148 and Total Access 1248 DSLAMs are managed as a single unit either through a local interface on the Total Access 1100F or remotely through Telnet or SNMP. The OSP DSLAM is fully supported by the Total Access EMS, with remote management communication accomplished through SNMP. The ADTRAN® Total Access EMS provides comprehensive management for its complete DSLAM product line.




Key Features:


  • Sealed GR-487 compliant unit
  • Dual Optical or Copper
  • GigE Network feeds via SFP Modules
  • Networks with Total Access 1148 or Total Access 1248 DSLAM for fiber deployment
  • 6 Gbps switching capacity
  • Easily configurable for both electrical and optical expansion interfaces
  • Priority Queuing (802.1p)
  • 801.q-in-q VLAN tagging (802.1ad)
  • Integrated Security
  • Support (blocks direct port-to-port traffic)
  • Replication of Multicast Traffic
  • Compact size
  • Line power from CO using 1 to 4 powering pairs – requires no AC or battery backup
  • Line power can extend to 60,000 feet
  • Local power –48 VDC and
  • 110 VAC options
  • Remotely provisioned and managed through TL1, Telnet, SNMP, or Total Access EMS; saves truck dispatch cost
  • Passively cooled, no fan or filter required
  • Industry-leading 5-year warranty





Total Access 1100F - 1179761L2 - Application



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