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Telcobridges Solutions - Tandem switching

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Tandem Switching


Tandem switching consists of non-customer-facing switches that are configured to route traffic amongst themselves or to other switches for such purposes as capitalizing on preferential rates, etc.

TelcoBridges' Tmedia gateway provides capabilities for tandem/class 4 switching by switching voice traffic between end-office switches and VoIP networks.

Our tandem / Class 4 switching solutions use SS7, provide flexible & extensive call routing, as well as providing CDR generation, and non-blocking switching fabric.

Of course, as with all of our products and solutions you can expect top quality and reliability as well as a fully redundant solution offering industry-leading High Availability.


TdmSwitching TandemSwitching - Telcobridges


SS7 allows our gateways to be Seamlessly integrated with existing TDM infrastructure, greatly simplifying deployment and maintenance.

Flexible and extensive call routing
Our flexible and extensive call routing capabilities allow you to maximize your revenues by choosing the best call routes, as well as alternatives routes.

CDR Generation
CDR generation ensures simple and easy billing.

Non-blocking switching fabric
Simplifies call route management, and reduces operating costs.

Low Risk, Reliability, and High Availability
TelcoBridges is committed to designing and manufacturing top quality gateways. With a reliability rating of 99.999% (five nine's) and backed by full redundancy, available either in 1+1, or n+1 solutions, our gateways are the most reliable and stable available on the market. In fact, we invite you to contact our customer to verify for yourself, we have flawless customer satisfaction and customer support rating. We stand by our customers because we understand that your success is our success.


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