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AGS20 SERIES - Universal Microwave Aggregation Platform - 80Ghz


The AGS20 is a Universal Microwave Aggregation Platform that flexibly addresses the different RAN generation needs over a common wireless transport infrastructure, including LTE-Advanced and 5G new stringent requirements. The AGS20 is a family of microwave aggregators with multiple mechanical arrangements designed to fit different needs and deployment scenarios in a modern mobile backhaul infrastructure. The ASNK ODU is extremely compact in size with less than 2 liters volume and with a benchmarking power consumption of 10W, helps operators in diminishing CO2 emissions. AGS20 addresses the need for carrier-class multi-technology traffic aggregation, with high-performance Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and IP/MPLS engine, with multiple 1/2,5/10Gbps ports, while maintaining full support of the legacy traffic E1 and STM-1 services.

The platform enables the convergence of the major microwave application segments:

  • Next Generation indoor unit for advanced packet processing
  • Aggregation of IF and All-Outdoor Radio including E-Band
  • Modular configuration for evolving complex sites

     AGS20 SERIES - Universal Microwave Aggregation Platform - 80Ghz         AGS20 SERIES - Universal Microwave Aggregation Platform - 80Ghz         AGS20L - Universal Microwave Aggregation Platform - 80Ghz




Microwave radio products have evolved in terms of functionality and physical arrangements to cover in an effective and efficient way they can be employed in any application.
AGS20 as part of the SIAE MICROELETTRONICA Unified Product Architecture utilizes at its core the SM-OS operating system based over three major components:

Network Management Plane
Universal Product Architecture - SIAE AGS20

  • NETCONF/Yang in SDN deployment
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3, HTTPs, SSH, SFTP
  • RADIUS for centralized user management

Data Plane

  • MEF 2.0 – Carrier Ethernet Services
  • IP/MPLS – L2/L3 VPN Services
  • QoS/HQoS – queue management/policing and shaping

Synch Plane

  • Synchronous Ethernet
  • ITU-T G.8275.1 Profiles (T-BC)
  • 1 PPS in/out port




AGS20 sets a new industry benchmark in split mount microwave by featuring the following capabilities:


  • Modulation up to 4096 QAM
  • Channel spacing up to 112 MHz
  • Lower than 2 Litre volume for easier installation
  • Multicarrier Aggregation for Hybrid Link (standard licensed frequency band and a millimeter-wave 80 GHz band)





AGS20 series is the state of art microwave radio solution. AGS20 includes three physical-mechanical arrangements to satisfy a simple point to point needs to the most complex sites including nodal configurations and scaling capacity in line with network growth. The IDU can support a variety of interfaces with a mix of GE and Radio IF interfaces, for maximum flexibility when interconnecting heterogeneous technologies.



AGS20 is a fully integrated single box solution. It offers a complete range of interfaces Radio, 10/2.5/1 Gigabit/Fast Ethernet, E1 both native and pseudowire and STM-1. AGS20 can support up to four IF interfaces, allowing to set up a four-direction nodal solution in a single rack unit IDU, or Radio LAG over 4x ODUs, with the best cost/performance relationship. AGS20 minimizes space consumption without renouncing to functionalities.

SIAE AGS20 integrated service unit



AGS20M is an expandable split-mount edge node that hosts a frontal expansion slot. Its innovative structure provides both simplicity and flexibility matching the requirement to maintain a low total cost of ownership (TCO) giving the possibility to expand the node with more radio or client interfaces to meet the growing demands of the network.

SIAE AGS20M integrated service unit with single slot expansion



AGS20L is based on a fully modular architectural design, addressing dense scenario applications where multiple directions, high capacity aggregation, and convergence over the optical network are a need. AGS20L aggregates traffic incoming from multiple IF based ODU and Ethernet-based full outdoors, all feeding into a single node. It modular design offers full redundancy (no Single Point Of Failure) regardless of the radio configuration, improving the resiliency of aggregation and backbone sites.

SIAE AGS20L integrated service unit - 2RU and 8 Modular slots


Key Features:

  • SM-OS based platform
  • 4 to 4096 QAM modulation
  • Hitless Adaptive Code and Modulation
  • Multi-Layer Header Compression
  • L1 Radio LAG over multiple ODU with XPIC
  • Extended Ethernet connectivity: multiple 10/2,5/GE interfaces
  • Multi-Carrier Aggregation
  • Mixed TDM/Ethernet interfaces for dual native transport
  • PWE3 TDM services defined by software for full packet networks
  • AES128/256 Encryption
  • POE support
  • Extended buffer for maximum TCP/IP efficiency in LTE networks
  • Integrated antennas up to 1.8m (6ft)
  • Single Universal ODU for any capacity and modulation
  • Network Management System: NMS5
  • SDN Microwave Domain Controller: SM-DC



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