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ALS Series

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ALS Series - Backhaul Microwave Radio - 4Ghz to 42Ghz


4 to 42 GHz Microwave System Packet and Hybrid Configuration

The backhaul network requires a transport solution with great flexibility to support multiple access technologies. ALS Series provides Native IP, Native PDH and SDH connections to address in a single equipment solution all traffic needs. It covers any market segment ranging from cost-sensitive applications to advanced network implementations in which high capacities, complex protection schemes, and excellent reliability are mandatory.


     ALS Series - Backhaul Microwave Radio - 4Ghz to 42Ghz    ALS Series - Backhaul Microwave Radio - 4Ghz to 42Ghz



ALS superior mix of Packet and TDM interfaces allows easy network evolution from pure TDM to pure IP with circuit emulation option. Its advanced packet capabilities are certified to comply with LTE transport requirements. A complete range of user interfaces (E1, Gigabit/Fast Ethernet and STM1) and a high degree of versatility allows for a very easy network planning and management.


Key Features:

  • 4 QAM to 256 QAM modulations
  • ACM adaptive code and modulation
  • MultiLayer Header Compression
  • XPIC configuration in a 1U IDU
  • 1 Gbits throughput radio
  • Native/PWE3 TDM services defined by software
  • CISCO Microwave Adaptive
  • Bandwidth feature interworking
  • Mixed TDM/Ethernet interfaces for dual native transport
  • Synchronous Ethernet support
  • IEEE 1588 v2 support
  • Extended buffer for maximum
  • TCP/IP efficiency in LTE networks
  • Integrate antennae up to 1.8 m
  • Single Universal ODU for any capacity and modulations
  • Layer one Radio Link Aggregation
  • Unified Network Management System – NMS5


Layer 2 Functionality:

  • MEF-9 and MEF-14 certified
  • 8 queues with flexible scheduler (Strict WFQ and mixed)
  • Flexible QoS definition based on
  • VLAN, IPv4, IPv6, MPLS exp bits
  • Per queue WRED congestion avoidance
  • Flow Based Ingress Policing (CIR & EIR definition)
  • Egress shaping
  • ERP Support G.8032 v.2
  • Flow Control IEEE 802.3x
  • RMON Statistics


Typical Applications:

  • 2G/3G/4G Cellular Network backhauling infrastructure
  • Leased Lines replacement
  • Utility Networks (Railways, Oil&Gas)
  • Private Data Networks (WANs, LANs, etc)
  • WiMAX Backhauling
  • Fibre Optics extension, termination and backup
  • RMON Statistic
  • Spur Links for Backbones/Rings
  • High capacity Broadband Access Networks


Nodal Configuration:

SIAE ALS Series Nodal ConfigurationReal “pay as you grow “approach. Thanks to the NBUS connectivity it is possible to incrementally expand from one to sixteen independent radio directions. This solution allows the deployment of a common platform regardless of the number of directions employed day one or required in the future. Single element management allows for easy cross-connections.



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