EasyCell Series - 4G/LTE Small Cell Backhaul


The need for high capacity connectivity in the urban area is a new requirement brought in Mobile networks by the introduction of 4G/LTE small cell. Densification and geographical distribution at street level of the access points are characterizing the need for a new backhauling model. EasyCell is a family of products comprising of sub 6GHz solutions, PTP and PtMP connectivity, with True-NLOS smart antennas, millimeter-wave (V band) 60GHz PTP high capacity links, and a MEF 2.0 aggregation gateway offering the best solutions toolbox to address the urban canyon connectivity challenge.

     EasyCell Series - 4G/LTE Small Cell Backhaul   EasyCell Series - 4G/LTE Small Cell Backhaul


EasyCell family includes:

  • EasyCell60, V-band (60 GHz) millimeter-wave radio link
  • EasyCell-NT, Sub6 (2.6 GHz, 3.5 GHz, and 5.4-5.8 GHz) solution
  • EasyCell Gateway, MEF 2.0 Ethernet aggregation equipment


Key Features - EasyCell60:

  • 1.0 Gbps full-duplex - FDD •
  • 500 MHz FDD channel BW
  • Full Carrier Ethernet protocol stack
  • Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2 TC support.
  • 35W reduced consumption, POE+ (802.3at)


Key Features - EasyCell-NT:

  • Smart Antenna with Beamforming and null forming
  • Up to 400 Mbps aggregated throughput per link
  • 10 to 40 MHz channel bandwidth
  • OFDM (256 QAM ACM on each sub-carrier)
  • PtP and PMP applications. PMP link
  • capacity independent on the number of End Nodes


Key Features - EasyCell Gateway:

  • Indoor and Outdoor casing
  • Up to 4x PoE ports + 2 SFP ports
  • POE++ up to 80W each, with Max 150W load
  • Integrated voltage up-converter on PoE ports for maximum cable reach
  • Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE
  • 1588 v2 support
  • MEF2.0 fully compliant


Typical Applications

A high integration level to packaging in the TRMD; the Transmitter (TX), Receiver (RX), Mo-demodulator and baseband functions. The one rack chassis can host up to 4 bidirectional RF carriers. The minimization of frequency-dependent spare parts has been achieved through the use of wide-band units. Easy operation and maintenance: no adjustment or provisional settings are required.


 EasyCell60 EasyCell-NT  EasyCell Gateway 
  • Small Cell Backhauling street-level deployment
  • 4G-LTE Mobile Backhaul leaf connectivity
  • Last Mile fiber extension
  • Enterprise, leased lines, intracampus connectivity
  • Small Cell Backhauling street-level deployment
  • True-NLOS scenarios
  • Emergency wireless links
  • Offshore application
  • A complimentary solution to fiber build in dense areas
  • Multiple any F.O. PoE powered units aggregation (not limited to EasyCell Series)
  • SmallCells Backhaul aggregation unit
  • MacroCell Network interworking element
  • DCN demarcation device

members MEF, ETSI and IWPC



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