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TL Compact

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TL Compact - Trunk Link IP & Hybrid Microwave System - 4Ghz to 13Ghz


TL Compact is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in access and backbone networks where placement and installation footprint of equipment is paramount. The TL Compact provides up to 4 RF carriers per cabinet (3+1/4+0) for IP and Hybrid transmission.  IP55 weather hardened cabinet allows for a full outdoor installation of this multi-carrier solution by locating the radio equipment closer to the antenna. TL Compact, with the reduction of the waveguide losses and ability to transmit over a greater distance, results in a better TCO solution.

     TL Compact - Trunk Link IP & Hybrid Microwave System - 4Ghz to 13Ghz


Multiple Frequency bands and High Capacity

TL Compact is available in all frequency bands from 4 to 13 GHz (ITU-R, FCC, NTIA) with up to 4 STM-1/OC-3 or 1 Gbits capacity, in N+1 or N+0 & M+1 or M+0 configurations. In addition, for IP applications an L2 switch is embedded in the equipment.


Key Features:

  • N+1 or N+0 mixed configuration ACCP/ACAP/CCDP with SD (space diversity) & TSD (transmit space diversity with up to 16 channels)  support in a single rack
  • Full set of countermeasures against fading in order to maximize system performance
  • 2xE1 wayside traffic per each SDH channels
  • 1xT1 per each Transceivers
  • Fixed or Adaptive Code ModulationTechnique 4/16/32/64/128/256/512 QAM
  • STM-1 and Gigabit Ethernet (GE) electrical or optical interfaces are available with any mix of combinations
  • Easy on-site test and management without measuring instruments:
    -automatic IF-IF response adjustment
    -automatic SD DADE adjustment
    -automatic baseband DADE adjustment


Layer 2 Functionality:

  • Native IP radio
  • VLAN Management
  • Spanning tree (STP/RSTP)
  • Ethernet QoS (IEEE 802. /ToS/ DSCP)
  • Link aggregation (L1)
  • Traffic Shaping


Typical Applications:

  • 2G/3G/4G Cellular Network backhauling infrastructure
  • backup transmission medium to fiber-optic links
  • High capacity IP Radio Rings
  • Wireless backbone for all regional and national networks


TRMD Main signal transmission unitTL Series - Trunk Link IP & Hybrid Microwave System - 4Ghz to 13Ghz - TRMD

A high integration level to packaging in the TRMD; the Transmitter (TX), Receiver (RX), Mo-demodulator and baseband functions. The one rack chassis can host up to 4 bidirectional RF carriers. The minimization of frequency-dependent spare parts has been achieved through the use of wide-band units. Easy operation and maintenance: no adjustment or provisional settings are required.




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