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1148V - DMT HOST, ANSI - 1179950F1

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1148V - DMT HOST, ANSI - 1179950F1


The ADTRAN 1148V-DMT Host (Discrete Multi-Tone) compact sealed FTTN solution allows service providers to realize 100 Mbps speeds with their existing copper infrastructure, economically delivering ultra-broadband services to the home using bonded VDSL2. ADTRAN designed the standalone, weatherproof 1100 Series FTTN systems to be mounted on a pole, pedestal, cross-box, remote terminal or other challenging locations, eliminating the need for expensive cabinet enclosures, heat exchangers and site construction, which accounts for a large portion of the total cost of deployment. This allows for ultra-broadband services deployment within days, instead of months, dramatically lowering deployment costs.


     1148V - DMT HOST, ANSI - 1179950F1


Monetize Existing Copper Assets

Equipped with 8-pair bonded for copper backhaul, a non-blocking architecture, and a rich carrier-based feature set that supports multimedia services, the 1148V-DMT is ideally suited for ultra-broadband (100 Mbps) service delivery in difficult to serve locations. The 1148V-DMT supports copper uplinks (up to 8-pair bonded copper), allowing service providers to utilize existing copper infrastructure to quickly expand VDSL2-based ultra-broadband services in remote or rural areas. The 1148V-DMT is also a future-proofed solution and provides four 1/2.5 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks to support the transition to FTTN applications. As demand grows, and fiber buildout makes economic sense, the copper uplinks can be upgraded to faster GigE fiber backhaul, to deliver higher broadband speeds and enhance customer satisfaction.





Key Features:


  • Environmentally sealed, temperature hardened standalone VDSL2 FTTN solution enables rapid deployment of ultra-broadband services
  • Supports bonded VDSL2 to deliver 100 Mbps over 1,500 ft. from the node
  • Provides silent operation and low profile construction abiding to strict residential zoning rules
  • Supports IPTV video service
  • Can be mounted on a pole, pedestal, cross-box or remote terminal delivering ultra-low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Supports expansion up to 192 subscribers
  • Reduces installation cost via flexible powering options (span, AC and DC powering)





1148V - DMT HOST, ANSI - 1179950F1 - Application



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