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1148VXP - Sealed FTTN -1179916F1

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1148VXP - 1179933F1


The ADTRAN 1148VXP compact sealed FTTN solution allows service providers to realize ultra-broadband speeds with their existing copper infrastructure, economically delivering 100 Mbps+ premium broadband services to the home using Vectored VDSL2. ADTRAN® designed the standalone, weatherproof 1100 Series FTTN systems to be mounted on a pole, pedestal, cross-box, remote terminal or other challenging locations, eliminating the need for expensive cabinet enclosures, heat exchangers and site construction, which account for a large portion of the total cost of deployment. This allows for ultra-broadband services deployment within days, instead of months, dramatically lowering deployment costs.


     1148VXP - Sealed FTTN -1179916F1


Cost-Effectively Expand Broadband Footprint

Integrated 10-Gigabit Ethernet switching in the 1148VXP Host units allow connecting up to four 1148VX/1148VXP nodes to create an FTTN system that scales to 192 ports in a single managed node, accommodating long-term growth and lowering initial circuit costs. Built-in device-level vectoring allows connecting two1148VXPs (96 ports) without the need for an external vectoring resource module (VRM). Up to 384-ports of system-level vectoring is allowed with external vectoring resource module (VRM). This eliminates complex binder management required by the less capable 48-port only boardlevel vectoring solutions. Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) support enables the resilient connection of multiple nodes while minimizing aggregation port cost.




Key Features:


  • Environmentally sealed, temperature hardened standalone Vectored VDSL2 FTTN solution enables rapid deployment of ultra-broadband services
  • Built-in POTS, supporting up to 48 subscribers; voice signaling via TDM voice (GR-303/TR-08) and VoIP (MGCP/SIP)
  • Delivers 100 Mbps up to 3,000 feet from the node using bonded VDSL2 with vectoring
  • Provides silent operation and low profile construction abiding to strict residential zoning rules
  • Supports IPTV video service
  • Can be mounted on pole, pedestal, cross-box or remote terminal delivering ultra-low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Device-level vectoring (DLV) supports up to 96 ports without an external vectoring resource module (VRM)
  • Field upgradeable to 384-ports of system-level vectoring (SLV) with external VRM
  • Supports four GigE or 10GigE uplinks and up to three expansion ports to aggregate other 1148VXP units
  • Reduces installation cost via flexible powering options (span, AC, and DC powering)





1148VXP - Sealed FTTN -1179916F1 - Application



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