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Liberator S ISDN Splitter and Converter

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The Liberator S
ISDN converter, switch, concentrator and simulator

Promptus Liberator S 

The Liberator "S" supports up to 3 E1/T1/PRI interfaces and either 0, 4, 8, or 16 BRI 'S' or "U" interfaces.


As standard Liberator 'S' can be user configured with either all E1 or all T1 PRI interfaces. Purchasing the optional E1 T1 conversion pack means both E1 and T1 can be supported on the same unit.


The BRI ports can be ordered as NT (simulates a network and connects to CPE) or TE (simulates CPE and connects to a network) in blocks of 4, 8 or 16. NT and TE BRIs can be populated within the same unit. Options also are available for Te and NT PRI presentations.


The unit will connect any port to any port and any 'B' channel to any 'B' channel giving full cross-connectivity between all local ports and network channels.


Through the intuitive GUI (supplied), different options can be set to tailor the use, connectivity, least cost routing and other advanced features.



Technical Specifications



• Dimensions: 290 x 199 x 41 mm
• Weight: 1.2 kg



Power Supply

• Input: 90 - 264VAC 47-63Hz 700mA@230VAC
• Max DTE draw : 1W@40VDC




• Temperature: 0-45 C
• Humidity: 10-90%, non-condensing



Interfaces Available
• PRI/E1/T1-1, 2 or 3 PRI ports
- PRI1 supports TE ISDN (user-side)
- PRI2 supports NT ISDN (network-side)
- PRI3 is software switchable TE/NT
• PRI1 and PRI2 are protected against power failure
• E1: RJ45 120ohm balanced; G.704 HDB3 encoded; software selectable CRC4 or non-CRC4 framing (Multiframe or Doubleframe); support of non-switched E1 and Fractional E1 services
• T1: RJ45 100ohm balanced; ESF or D4 Framing; B8ZS or AMI Line code selectable; NI-2, DMS100, AT&T 5ESS Switch selectable; AT&T TR-62411 and ANSI T1.403 Compliant
• BRI 0, 4, 8 or 16 Ports
- RJ45, 4 wire S0 compatible
- each group of 4 BRI ports are configured as NT or TE from factory
- Single and Dual SPID settings for US-based applicaitons; support for NI-1, DMS100, AT&T 5ESS
- Optional Terminal Power-Feed with external 40VDC supply for NT ports. Provides 40V 1W to ISDN BRI devices



Control Ports

• RJ11: Asynchronous, 8 data, 1 stop bit, no parity, 18kbps to 64kbps
• Ethernet RJ45: 10/100BaseT
• Password protection on both ports




• Each PRI has 2 associated LEDs to indicate Layer 1, 2 and 3 status
• Each BRI has 2 associated LEDs, 1 for each 'B' channel
• LAN:
- COL: to indicate data collisions on LAN 
- ACT: to indicate activity on LAN
- 100: to indicate 100BaseT connectivity
• PWR: to indicate power
• RUN: to indicate operational status 




• Interfaces PRI21 and PRI22 are Power Failure Relay protected 
• On power-loss, a critical failure or under operator control, the relays close forming a metalic path between the two interfaces




• Central Management via DBManager
• Configuration/management sessions can be established remotely via an ISDN call or locally through one of the Control Ports (Asynchronous RJ11 or Ethernet 10/100BaseT)



Liberator E share PRI

Convert PRI to BRI ISDN 02


Convert PRI to BRI ISDN 01


Download the Liberator S Data Sheet

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