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TS-2408 - Link Aggregation TAP - Datacom Systems


These network taps are ideal for security applications, network monitoring and anywhere you need to see all the data that only an In-Line solution can provide. Invisible to the network, completely passive and fault-tolerant, fiber taps will not affect network performance or integrity. A copy of traffic from the network links are passively copied for monitoring. In the rare event of power loss, traffic is completely unaffected on connected network devices.

Consolidate monitoring tools to reduce management expenses and lower tool costs

  • Single point of deployment and remote management minimizes management expenses and reduces MTTR
  • Monitor 10G links with 1G tools for increased ROI and more efficient use of monitoring resources
  • After installation, deploy tools right away without impacting your production network
  • Receives traffic from additional taps or SPAN ports to allow you to increase the scale of the installation
  • Connecting two or more similar tools brings additional redundancy to the monitoring solution.


  TS-2408 Link Aggregation Tap - Datacom Systems



Key Benefits


  • Aggregation/Regeneration - Combine multiple network links or channels into one stream or send copies to multiple connected tools to share data sources
  • Media Conversion - Leverage existing monitoring tools regardless of media type
  • Port Speeds ranging from 1000Mbps to 10Gbps
  • All ports active with full features - no per port/feature licensing
  • Manage device remotely or locally with extensive CLI (telnet/SSH)
  • Dual Redundant Power ensures monitoring uptime
  • E-mail event notifications on user-defined events
  • NTP Support
  • Local Syslog Support




Tap Ports: Four (4) 10/1G Fiber
Any-to-Any Ports: Four (4) SFP+/SFP
(Supports SFP+ SR, LR, LRM, SFP SX, LX, BT)
Management Port: RJ45
Console Port: DB9

Dual Redundant Hot Swappable Power Supplies (Included)
Maximum Power Consumption: Less than 90 Watts
Individual Power Supply Rating: 100-240V ~50-60Hz 7A MAX.

CE, RoHS, ICES-0003 Class A

1.5 x 8.3 x 12.5 in (3.81 x 21.08 x 31.75 cm)

3.75 lbs (1.7 kgs)

Operating Temperature: 32º to 104ºF (0º to 40ºC)
Storage Temperature: -22º to 149ºF (-30º to 65ºC)
Humidity: 5 to 90% non-condensing

One (1) Year Hardware Warranty included. Advanced Replacement-Next Day, the third business
day options available.

Multimode (50/62.5 micron diameter) 50/50 = 4.2 dB
Multimode (50/62.5 micron diameter) 70/30 = 3.0 / 6.7 dB
Singlemode (9 micron diameter) 50/50 = 3.9 dB
Singlemode (9 micron diameter) 70/30 = 2.2 / 6.3 dB


  • TS-2408-55-55  Taps one link and outputs copies to 2 monitoring ports.
    Installed on a 50-micron 10G/1G fiber link. 50/50 split ratio.
  • TS-2408-56-56 Taps one link and outputs copies to 2 monitoring ports.
    Installed on a 62.5-micron 10G/1G fiber link. 50/50 split ratio.
  • TS-2408-59-59 Taps one link and outputs copies to 2 monitoring ports.
    Installed on a 9-micron 10G/1G fiber link. 50/50 split ratio.

Optional Equipment      Description
SFP+-SR/SX                        10G/1G Multimode Fiber Transceiver
SFP+-LR/LX                         10G/1G Singlemode Fiber Transceiver
SFP-SX                               1G Multimode Fiber Transceiver
SFP-LX                                1G Singlemode Fiber Transceiver
SFP-RJ45                            1G Copper Transceiver
RMC-2C                               Rackmount for TS-1406. Fits two units in a 1U chassis.


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