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Eion Wireless

Eion Wireless Manufacturer for Pulse Supply

EION Wireless, a division of EION Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company headquartered in Ottawa Canada, with research and development centres in Slovenia, Global Customer Support Operations in India, and multiple regional sales offices around the globe. Since being founded in 2001, EION Wireless has been recognized multiple times as one of the fifty fastest growing wireless companies by Deloitte and Touche. To support its diverse global customer base, EION Wireless works with more than 165 channel partners worldwide to support some of the largest 4G deployments in the world.

As a global provider of 4G Mobile WiMAX solutions, LTE solutions, and high speed broadband wireless products, EION Wireless delivers transformational end-to-end wireless solutions with scalability and network management in mind. The company’s point-to-point radio solutions allow end customers to ease their reliance on leased lines when connecting to remote locations. EION’s combination of carrier class IP experience, wireless networking skills, and security expertise bring highly reliable and secure communications solutions to its clients.

EION’s licensed and unlicensed band products support large Tier-1 service providers, enterprise customers, the oil, gas & natural resources industry, wireless ISPs, video surveillance applications, remote rural networks, and voice and data backhaul applications to solve last mile challenges. The company’s award winning products are deployed worldwide in some of the most demanding environments such as; humid rainforests in South America, the sub-zero temperatures of the arctic, and the scorching desert heat of the Middle East. Each of these locations poses it own special challenges and ruggedized EION Wireless products have been up to the task every time.

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