RAD Data Communications

Rad Data Communicattions

Established more than 30 years ago, RAD Data Communications is an award-winning manufacturer of service assured access and backhaul solutions. Its leading-edge technology, strict adherence to quality standards and environmentally friendly operations, together with a corporate culture that encourages long-term relationships with customers, channels, suppliers, and employees, combine to make RAD an ideal partner.

The Value Proposition:

For Carriers and Service Providers

Best Service Assured Access Solutions

  • Deploy new revenue-generating performance assured services with guaranteed SLAs over any access infrastructure
  • Lower TCO by reducing turn-up, provisioning and maintenance costs and ensuring end-to-end service visibility across multiple networks
  • Support multiple fixed and mobile services over a converged network for better economies of scaleEnable highly accurate timing over packet infrastructure to facilitate roll out of LTE Advanced services
  • Protect legacy revenue streams by facilitating a smooth migration to new packet switched infrastructure with minimal disruption to existing customers or networks

For Public Utilities, the Energy Sector and Transportation Networks

Best Layer 2 Evolutional Migration Solutions

  • Address all the communication needs of T&D networks, including operational WANs, multiservice substation connectivity, Teleprotection, substation automation, and LV site backhauling
  • Provide deterministic network performance over PSNs by utilizing carrier-grade Ethernet, standard pseudowire and timing-over-packet technologies
  • Enhanced security features including an application-aware firewall
  • Address all the communication needs of transportation networks, including railway multiservice station connectivity, signaling, highway message boards and toll booth communications, video surveillance, moving vehicle communications for video security, airport communications, and more

RAD’s Broad In-House Technology Base Embraces Multifaceted Disciplines, including

  • OAM and performance management and integrated network
  • Service assurance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Traffic management
  • Fault management
  • Layer 2 switching
  • Synchronization and timing over packet
  • Network migration and pseudowire
  • ASIC and FPGA development
  • Hardware miniaturization
  • SFP form-factor solutions
  • Business DSL