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MX2820 23-Inch Chassis - M13 multiplexer - 1186001L2

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MX2820 23-Inch Chassis - M13 multiplexer - 1186001L2


M13 deployment, the technology that enables multiple T1 deliveries from a single T3, is a fairly elementary yet important art for telecommunications carriers. Demand for T1s is affected by existing Remote Terminals (RTs) that are space-constrained. Supplying a carrier-class multiplexer that can significantly increase T1 output while minimizing space has been the challenge for telecommunications equipment providers. Carriers facing costs for IP addressing save money because M13 capability can be added yet each MX2820 uses only a single IP address. In areas where multiple M13s are needed, the ADTRANTM MX2820TM High-Density M13 Multiplexer frees up valuable rack space with a high-density chassis. The MX2820 houses up to 18 multiplexer cards to provide nine redundant M13 multiplexers in a 23-inch chassis and two rack units of space. Up to seven redundant M13 multiplexers can be based on a 19-inch chassis. In addition, the MX2820 can provide up to 81 M13s in a 7-foot bay using active cooling (fans and heat baffles) or up to 63 M13s in a 7-foot bay using passive cooling (heat baffles).


     MX2820 23-Inch Chassis - M13 multiplexer - 1186001L2


Compact and Powerful

The MX2820 MUX cards are capable of combining independent T1s, E1s, or T1s and E1s on the same DS3. Each pair of MUX cards provides built-in 1:1 redundancy on the DS1 and DS3 signals. Advanced diagnostics include CSU loopbacks, NIU loopbacks, C-bit loopbacks, and built-in BERT (Bit Error Rate Testing) capabilities. As with all ADTRAN products, the MX2820 offers comprehensive management options. It features a VT100 terminal interface for local configuration. To support SNMP and Telnet management, the MX2820 has an integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet port. TL1 alarming and editing can be accessed via the 10/100Base-T Ethernet port or the X.25 connection.



Key Features:


  • Built-in 1:1 redundancy
  • Hot-swappable MUX cards
  • Affordable DS3/STS-1 bandwidth consolidation
  • Single IP address per shelf
  • Interbank communications capability to address multiple shelves with a single IP via an RS-485 daisy chain communication link between shelves
  • Capable of backhauling multiple service types (T1/E1)
  • Simplified configuration through the VT100 terminal menu structure
  • System Controller Unit (SCU) for centralized management
  • TL1, SNMP, Telnet, and SSH management
  • X.25 capability for TL1 sessions
  • Meets the requirements for NEBS Level 3 compliance






MX2820 23-Inch Chassis - M13 multiplexer - 1186001L2 - Application



 MX2820 23-Inch Chassis - M13 multiplexer - 1186001L2 - Application



MX2820 23-Inch Chassis - M13 multiplexer - 1186001L2 - Application


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