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MX410 - Digital Cross Connect - 1189500L1

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MX410 - Digital Cross Connect - 1189500L1


ADTRAN’s MX410 delivers full DS0 control to service locations, allowing carriers full utilization of DS1 bandwidth. Up to four full T1s of bandwidth are provided and are accessible at any point along the DS1 path.
Data Ethernet connectivity is provided via four PPP connections. The MX410 costs less than half the price of other early generation remote management and bandwidth utilization products.


     MX410 - Digital Cross Connect - 1189500L1


Full DSO Control

DS1 networking is practical and efficient with the ADTRAN MX410. Packaged in a 1RU, 19- inch chassis (optional 23-inch adapter), the MX410 routes DS0s between the four DS1
interfaces and allows access to any DS0 at any node. The MX410 interfaces to four RJ48 connectors and provides the ability to drop and insert up to 24 DS0 signals from any DS1 interface on the terminal side. The DS0s may be routed to another DS1, V.35 port, or used for Ethernet network extension throughout the network and Telnet-based terminal server ports.



Key Features:


  • The system provides DS0 drop and insert capability for DS1 networks
  • Drop and continue DS1s and/or groom DS0s anywhere along your DS1 route - modularity allows 1 to 4 DS1s to be dropped at any single site
  • DS0s can be assigned to local ports (Ethernet or V.35) up to full DS1 bandwidths and shared anywhere along the DS1 path
  • DS0 grooming allows for bandwidth to be allocated for special services such as E911, etc., via a V.35 port
  • Fractional T1s may be groomed for maximum bandwidth efficiency
  • Technicians can utilize the Ethernet for Data or LAN connectivity to check E-mail, etc.
  • Power supply redundancy provided with additional PSU card (1:1)
  • Full T1 bandwidth router
  • Terminal server - allows other devices to be remotely managed
  • Delivers 1/0 DCS ability
  • DB9 craft interface for access to user-friendly configuration menus






MX410 - Digital Cross Connect - 1189500L1 - Application



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