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MultiHaul PtMP cTU

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MultiHaul PtMP cTU - 60Ghz Wireless Millimeter-Wave Radio


The MultiHaul™ system consists of a Base Unit (BU) operating over millimeter waves and connecting Terminal Units (TU) and now the new ultra-small compact TU (cTU). MultiHaul™ brings the advantages of mmWave spectrum – multi-gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and massive amounts of the available spectrum - to a cost-effective small form factor PtMP solution. With the cTU, the customer premise side of the system has been reduced over 85% in total volume when compared to the standard TU with no loss in performance and features. The size only 6.5”x3.1”x1” and a selection of colors will blend the cTU into existing surroundings, making it even easier to deploy. There can be no doubt that the smaller the TU is, the more options customers have for deployment. Typically, in wireless systems, going smaller means sacrificing performance. With the cTU Siklu has broken new ground delivering the exact same throughput as the TU but in a form factor that is dramatically smaller. In addition to the technology that goes into enabling identical performance in an ultra-small package comes the ability to choose from a selection of colors to further reduce the sightlines of deployed cTUs. The MultiHaul™ cTU operates over the millimeter-wave spectrum using narrow beams. This confers several advantages including complete immunity to interference and network jamming, as well as high security. In contrast to wide-beam wireless systems that need to use multiple strategies to perform in dense areas, and are not successful 100% of the time, the MultiHaul™ cTU is inherently interference-free and secure under any circumstances thanks to a unique combination of narrow beams and high frequencies, same as they are implemented on the standard TU. Multiple subscribers and services can be connected with complete isolation based on a physical port, VLAN ID and/or a Terminal Unit.


     MultiHaul PtMP cTU - 60Ghz Wireless Millimeter-Wave Radio 



Ready Set Go

The plug and play system is designed for easy single-person installation with a goal of self-installation. The patent-pending scanning antenna automatically aligns with the Base Units. For buildings with difficult roof-top access, a single base unit needs to be installed on a roof to serve multiple locations. The Base Unit (BU) supports advanced auto-provisioning: Terminal Units (TU and cTU) configuration files are stored in the BU to enable early and advanced provisioning, optionally with no IP address on the TU/cTU. The TU/cTU can be located on building sides with no need for internal re-wiring of building to achieve net gigabit throughput.

Always-On Mission Critical Networks

When you can’t afford to lose a video stream, critical safe city sensor data or any other mission-critical data, you need to use a wireless network that’s as reliable and secure as fiber. With maximal immunity to interference and hacker-proof links with embedded AES encryption, MultiHaul™ delivers a network you can count on.


When operators and Smart Cities are considering deployments of mmWave networks, the total cost of ownership is reviewed, just like with any new product. At Siklu we understand the large role in a business case that installation can play with costs anywhere from $100 to upwards of $500 or more. The cTU represents the first of several advances Siklu will be introducing over the next 12 months enabling a true, outdoor self-install system for our customers

Fiber Quality with Wireless Flexibility

Siklu’s millimeter wave radios successfully combine the capacity of fiber with the flexibility, speed of deployment and low TCO of wireless networks. That’s what makes them the world’s best-selling millimeter-wave radios every year since 2011. They provide rock-solid performance, even under severe weather conditions, in thousands of networks around the globe.



Key Features:


  • a 90-degree sector Base Unit (BU) with integrated beam-steering antenna and 3 ports
  • Up to 8 Terminal Units, TU or cTU, per each BU
  • Sector capacity of 2.3Gbps over the air (1.8Gbps net throughput) to TUs or cTUs
  • Up to 1310ft. (400m) auto-aligned range thanks to Siklu’s proprietary cutting-edge antenna technology << change the distances
  • Beamforming antenna enables auto-alignment making installation a lightning-quick one-person job




MultiHaul PtMP cTU - 60Ghz Wireless Millimeter-Wave Radio - Application


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