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n-Command MSP Advanced (64-bit Dell 620) - 1700842G2

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n-Command MSP Advanced (64-bit Dell 620) - 1700842G2


The ADTRAN n-Command MSP platform is a powerful and easy-to-use network management system that provides real-time monitoring and management for a wide range of ADTRAN business networking solutions. Using ADTRAN n-Command MSP can improve network operations and business-class Voice over IP (VoIP) performance for service providers and enterprise organizations who are implementing ADTRAN's industry-leading NetVanta and Total Access 900 Series equipment running the ADTRAN Operating Systems (AOS).


     n-Command MSP Advanced (64-bit Dell 620) - 1700842G2      n-Command MSP Advanced (64-bit Dell 620) - 1700842G2              n-Command MSP Advanced (64-bit Dell 620) - 1700842G2


Configuration Management

In addition to firmware management, the ADTRAN® n-Command® MSP system also provides configuration management for the Total Access® 900 Series and NetVanta® devices. The ADTRAN n-Command MSP system enables network managers to push device or interface configuration files to remotely-managed devices and automate configuration backup/restoration for individual or groups of managed devices. The n-Command MSP system enables network managers to make individual or global configuration changes to the network by pushing a Command Line Interface (CLI) Script to selected NetVanta or Total Access 900 devices. These scripts can be created, edited and saved using the built-in script editor. Configuration images can be backed up and stored on the n-Command MSP NetVanta Server 450. To empower network managers, the configuration backups can be set up to run in multiple scenarios: real-time, a pre-scheduled time, or upon any change to the device. For the ADTRAN NetVanta 7000 Series of IP Telephony solutions, the n-Command MSP system can backup the voice mail and auto attendant files as well. Backups can be performed manually on a single device or scheduled on a recurring basis for an entire group. n-Command MSP emails a summary of the backup operations.



Key Features:


  • Configuration management
  • Firmware management
  • Inventory management
  • VoIP performance monitoring
  • Voice quality data reporting including Mean Opinion Scoring (MOS)
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Automated device discovery and registration using Auto-Link
  • Automated device registration
  • Automated Backups
  • Supports Total Access 900 Series and NetVanta Series
  • Web browser GUI
  • Monitors and reports daily call activity
  • Filter, group, and label devices
  • Eliminates the need for costly network probes and appliances
  • Solutions that support up to 25,000 remote devices
  • Simplifies management and reduces operations costs






n-Command MSP Advanced (64-bit Dell 620) - 1700842G2



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