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508G-TP - 11321707Fx

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508G-TP 8-port G.fast ONU - Optical Network Units - 11321707Fx



The ADTRAN Gfast ONUs is a complementary solution for GPON, XGS-PON or NG-PON2 based FTTH networks. The ONUs, deliver ITU-T G.9700/9701 standards-based Gfast (106 MHz or 212 MHz), enabling service providers to utilize the existing wiring (twisted pair or coax) within the customer premises to deliver Gigabit services. With FTTH, delivering the last 300 ft. (100 m) has presented a problem for service providers and ADTRAN’s solution changes the dynamics allowing for ultra-broadband services to be deployed rapidly, and with minimal installation and construction costs.


508G-TP 8-port G.fast ONU - 11321707Fx



Advancing the Gigabit Society

The drive towards a Gigabit Society that is being championed by regulatory agencies around the world is fueling the need for pushing fiber deeper into the network and closer to the end-user. However, the cost of delivering Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) can be prohibitive in many areas. Next-generation broadband technologies based on ITU-T Gfast standards (106 MHz and 212 MHz) enable symmetric Gigabit services over existing copper or coax infrastructure. Using Fiber-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp), Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) and Fiber-to-the- Building (FTTB) architectures, service providers can deliver Gigabit services at a reduced cost per connection, accelerating the path to a Gigabit society.

Unlock Symmetric Broadband Services

A growing number of live-streaming, virtual reality, online learning, and gaming applications and services require an approach that disrupts restrictive DSL-like “set-and-forget” upstream/downstream bandwidth configurations. The ADTRAN 500G and SDX 22xx series optical network units (ONUs) support dynamic time assignment (DTA), allowing responsive broadband that can burst to full bandwidth potential based on application needs. Service providers can now cost-effectively
deliver symmetric Gigabit services that dynamically adapt to customer bandwidth demands.

Open Networks, Unlimited Possibilities

To eliminate single-vendor lock-in typical in access networks, ADTRAN offers a standards-based carrier-grade
set of products and solutions spanning the entire access network, from the central office to the cabinet and the
customer premises. Uniquely software-defined access (SD-Access) Gfast nodes are built using modern data center principles allowing for their native integration into any open source SDN controller such as the ADTRAN Mosaic Cloud Platform and are both the chipset and physical layer agnostic. This affords service providers a vastly simplified path to new Gigabit service onboarding regardless of FTTH OLT or DSLAM vendor incumbency while supporting the rapid creation and delivery of user-driven services.


Key Features:


  • Symmetric Gigabit services over existing copper or coax infrastructure
  • Reduced fiber installation costs for existing copper/coax infrastructure
  • Standards-based G.Fast - No vendor lock-in
  • Hardened Cases for single-family, multi-dwelling and remote shelter-based deployments




Adtran 508G and 516G application


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