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OPTI-6100 DS1 Tributary Module - 1184513L2E

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OPTI-6100 DS1 Tributary Module - 1184513L2E


The ADTRAN OPTI-6100 delivers all the versatility and functionality that today's service providers need for cost-effective network expansion. The DS1 Tributary Module (1184513L2E)  is a 28 port DS1 module, M13 mapped which multiplexes and demultiplexes the 28×VT1.5 of an STS-1 to/from 28×DS1 circuits.


 OPTI-6100 DS1 Tributary Module - 1184513L2E           OPTI-6100 MX Chassis, EEPROM - 1184501G1


OPTI-6100 is a high-performance OC-3/OC-12/OC-48 multiplexer

The feature set, small footprint, low cost, and diverse deployment options of the OPTI-6100 make it a powerful tool for optical delivery of DS1, DS3/EC-1 (STS-1 electrical interface), OC-3, OC-12, and Ethernet. It supports all of the maintenance and administration tools necessary for service providers to administer their networks efficiently. Its fully integrated design provides the management and redundancy features expected of carrier-class broadband multiplexers. The OPTI-6100 is the industry’s first OC-3/OC-12/OC-48 multiplexer to deliver a combination of DS1, DS3/EC-1s, Ethernet, OC-3 and OC-12 drops. ADTRAN provides the ability to utilize all of the bandwidth in an optical network interface for customer services without stranded bandwidth. Its compact design is significantly smaller than similar products and it delivers superior functionality at a fraction of the price.



Key Features:


  • Equipment protection via redundant (1:1) modules
  • Timing derived from Optical Multiplexer Module (OMM)
  • Can provide system timing
  • DS1 timing is passed through transparently
  • STS-1 path protection
  • AMI and B8ZS encoding
  • DS1 in-band and DS3 FEAC loopback code detection
  • Hot swap capability
  • Auto In-Service Timer
  • Centrally managed by the System Controller Module (SCM, P/N 1184500L1E)






OPTI-6100 MX Chassis, EEPROM - 1184501G1 - Application



OPTI-6100 MX Chassis, EEPROM - 1184501G1 - Application


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