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OPTI-6100 DS1 tributray module (DS1M2) - 1184513L2

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OPTI-6100 DS1 TRIBUTARY MODULE (DS1M2) - 1184513L2


The ADTRAN OPTI-6100 delivers all the versatility and functionality that today's service providers need for cost-effective network expansion. The DS1 Tributary Module DS1M2 (1184513L2)  multiplexes and demultiplexes one STS-1 into 28 DSX-1 M13 mapped circuits using the signal from the backplane of the OPTI-6100 chassis.


 OPTI-6100 DS1 TRIBUTARY MODULE (DS1M2) - 1184513L2           OPTI-6100 MX Chassis, EEPROM - 1184501G1


OPTI-6100 is a high-performance OC-3/OC-12/OC-48 multiplexer

Circuits are made available through the champ connectors on the back panel of the OPTI-6100 chassis and are usually routed to a DSX panel.



Key Features:


  • Equipment protection via redundant (1:1) modules
  • Timing derived from Optical Multiplexer Module (OMM)
  • Can provide system timing
  • DS1 timing is passed through transparently
  • STS-1 path protection
  • AMI and B8ZS encoding
  • DS1 in-band and DS3 FEAC loopback code detection
  • Hot-swap capability
  • Optional Auto In-Service Timer
  • Centrally managed by the System Controller Module (SCM)
  • Requires System Release 4.0 or higher






OPTI-6100 DS1 TRIBUTARY MODULE (DS1M2) - 1184513L2 - Application



OPTI-6100 DS1 TRIBUTARY MODULE (DS1M2) - 1184513L2 - Application


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