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OPTI-3 Wallmount Chassis (WMC) - 1184001L1

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OPTI-3 Wallmount Chassis (WMC) - 1184001L1


The ADTRAN OPTI-3 sets a new mark for OC-3 multiplexers, delivering three DS3 circuits from a single OC-3 feed. Designed to meet the growing demand for DS3 deployment in today’s economy, the OPTI-3 eliminates the need for expensive SONET multiplexer equipment in terminal mode applications and provides the fullest use of OC-3 capacity.


     OPTI-3 Wallmount Chassis (WMC) - 1184001L1


Compact and Powerful

The OPTI-3 is interoperable with other SONET devices complying with GR-253 for easy deployment in new and existing SONET networks. A carrier-class device, the OPTI-3 meets the needs of applications that require extended temperature range operation such as remote terminals. The fully integrated design supports optional redundancy and is easily managed with support for TL1 commands over the Data Communications Channel (DCC). Additional management features include a local craft interface, remote alarm transport via DCC, and alarm reporting to legacy alarm systems. Front panel LEDs conveniently display status information.



Key Features:


  • Innovative and intelligent solution for DS3 deployment
  • When equipped with controller cards (1184002L1), delivers three DS3 interfaces from an OC-3 at a competitive price
  • Space-saving dimensions (3.5" x 6" x 12")
  • All 75 Ohm BNC connectors, alarm contacts, power connector, BITS timing and Ethernet are accessed on the rear of the chassis
  • Meets the GR-253 standard optical interface requirements of -8 to -34 dBm
  • -40°C to +50°C operating range






OPTI-3 Wallmount Chassis (WMC) - 1184001L1 - Application


 OPTI-3 Wallmount Chassis (WMC) - 1184001L1 - Application



OPTI-3 Wallmount Chassis (WMC) - 1184001L1 - Application



OPTI-3 Wallmount Chassis (WMC) - 1184001L1 - Application






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