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508VP MDU GPON Outdoor ONU - 1179870F1

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508VP MDU GPON Outdoor ONU - 1179870F1



The key to customer retention and continued revenue growth is to offer new, higher-bandwidth services to your customers. The ADTRAN® 508VP Optical Network Unit utilizes Vectored VDSL2 to allow service providers to realize ultra-broadband speeds over their existing copper infrastructure, economically delivering broadband connections to the home and enabling advanced communication and entertainment services.


508VP MDU GPON Outdoor ONU - 1179870F1



Advancing broadband data and voice services

The ADTRAN 508VP ONU provides a flexible approach to the successful deployment of broadband data and voice services in a variety of applications. Fed with GPON and supporting up to eight subscribers with high-speed vectored VDSL2 data and analog POTS service, the 508VP is ideal for deep-fiber deployments to the curb, building, home, distribution point, MDU and other applications where advanced services are required for a small number of subscribers.

The 508VP is a perfect fit for MDUs in GPON FTTH deployments. It is a potent GPON ONU which can be installed in a basement, crawlspace, or on an interior or exterior wall to provide IPTV, ultra-high-speed (100 Mbps+) data, and voice services to the subscribers inside over the existing in-building copper infrastructure. Services can be deployed rapidly over existing in-building wiring and with minimal installation and construction costs. Combining the ability to be deployed in any environment with dramatically lower deployment costs, the 508VP allows carriers to cost-effectively reduce loop lengths and maximize the performance of VDSL2 for every subscriber in their copper network. The solution is purpose-built for the emerging FTTdp or FTTB. The fully sealed housing makes the 508VP ONU a robust and reliable network element that can be deployed in pedestals, poles, low-profile “doghouse” enclosures, and even underground vaults and hand-holes. ADTRAN FTTdp and FTTB architecture can be operationally aligned with FTTH architectures—as an FTTH extension cord. This is because, unlike other DSL acceleration solutions, these FTTdp solutions can be managed (OMCI) and subtended (GPON) just like an FTTH ONT would be. Service providers can leverage their existing fiber infrastructure while updating the electronics to provide state-of-the-art 100 Mbps+ vectored VDSL2 services to retain existing customers or win back those lost to competing technologies.

In any network, there are locations where the number of subscribers within a given serving area cannot profitably support the installation of traditional cabinet-based broadband access equipment or even higher-density outside plant equipment like members of the Total Access® 1100 Series. The 508VP can prove in the business case in these areas and enable advanced service delivery to those subscribers rather than ceding them to a competitor.


Key Features:


  • Fully sealed enclosure for go-anywhere deployment flexibility
  • Passive cooling for completely silent operation in residential deployments
  • Integrated lightning survivability eliminates external protection boxes
  • The ultra-low total cost of ownership for triple-play service delivery
  • Provides 8 ports of vectored VDSL2 and POTS
  • IGMPv2 and v3lite proxy with Mediaroom support
  • IPv6/DHCPv6, LDRA capable
  • Voice signaling via GR-303, TR-08, TR-57, SIP, and MGCP
  • Single fiber GPON backhaul
  • Supports EFM bonding for greater bandwidth and reach
  • Span powered for reliability and low installation cost
  • Supports separately configurable interface rates for upstream and downstream
  • Flexible traffic management including policing and shaping
  • Provisioned from the OLT via OMCI for ease of provisioning and deployment
  • Supported by Advanced Operational Environment (AOE)




508VP MDU GPON Outdoor ONU - 1179870F1 - application


508VP MDU GPON Outdoor ONU - 1179870F1 - application


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