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Passive Optical Networks (PON) - Overview

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Passive Optical Networks (PON)


The need to build Gigabit networks is increasing every day due to competitive pressures, the growing number of options for premium video content and the ever-increasing need for bandwidth. To meet these demands, you need to design and build next-generation networks that are both economical and have the longevity to justify the cost. 10 Gigabit PON is an ideal solution, enabling the convergence of 1 Gigabit services commonly deployed for FTTH rollouts with higher-bandwidth 10 Gigabit services compliant with the emerging NG-PON2, XGS-PON, and 10G-EPON standards.

Momentum for Gigabit and beyond is accelerating

ADTRAN has enabled over 350 communities with Gigabit services, and the impact of these services to each community leads to increasing home values and more attractive industry recruitment all while transforming the way schools teach, people work, and how healthcare is delivered.



     Passive Optical Networks (PON) - TA5000      Passive Optical Networks (PON) - TA5004                           Passive Optical Networks (PON) - 401/411 Micro FTTH   


Generate more revenue through multiple service offerings

10G PON provides the additional capacity and network reliability to offer SLA-based enterprise and backhaul services at the lowest cost per bit.

Decrease cost and risk with the improved operational efficiency of converged services

Simplifying the network you have to manage by eliminating overbuilds all lead to improving your operational efficiency while lowering cost, ultimately increasing the long-term return on investment for your network.

Open networks are better networks

ADTRAN works with standards bodies like the Broadband Forum to develop open APIs and interfaces allowing rapid network integration of our solutions into any broadband network, regardless of broadband vendor or OSS incumbency.




Key Features:


  • 10 Gigabit Services
  • SLA based enterprise and backhaul services
  • Simplify by eliminating overbuilds
  • Compliant with the emerging NG-PON2, XGS-PON, and 10G-EPON standards






Passive Optical Networks (PON) - Application


Passive Optical Networks (PON) - Application



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