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Total Access 5000 18-Slot Shielded International Chassis - 1188001G1

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Total Access 5000 18-Slot Shielded International Chassis - 1188001G1


The ADTRAN Total Access 5000 is a carrier-class multi-service access and aggregation platform that bridges the gap between the existing and the next-generation networks. With a pure Ethernet core, the Total Access 5000 supports both legacy and emerging service interfaces over copper and fiber, easily scaling to support even the most bandwidth-intensive applications. The Total Access 5000 provides a clear migration path for traditional services, like voice, through its flexible network uplink options, including support for both TDM and VoIP switches. In addition to supporting both legacy and next-generation access interfaces, the Ethernet core of the Total Access 5000 provides a scalable and cost-optimized aggregation point in the network, with interfaces ranging from E1 to 10 and 20 Gigabit Ethernet.


     Total Access 5000 18-Slot Shielded International Chassis - 1188001G1


Compact and Powerful

Environmentally hardened, the Total Access 5000 is designed with the service provider in mind and is equally capable of deployment in central exchange or remote street cabinet locations. Instead of a traditional fixed backplane architecture, the Total Access 5000 provides a truly scalable architecture that is designed to migrate with the network, providing flexible copper and fiber termination options based on network applications. With the simple change of a “personality module,” equipment obsolescence can be avoided and network investments protected with a platform that is also physically capable of scaling to meet the network evolution, not only today but tomorrow.

The Total Access 5000 supports a variety of access and line modules for applications including Broadband Digital Loop Carrier, Fibreto- the-Home (FTTH), Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC), Carrier Ethernet, Ethernet aggregation, legacy business, and residential aggregation, as well as next-generation Optical Network Edge(ONE) aggregation and transport. Integrated Ethernet transport options deliver flexible copper or fiber-based solution.

The Total Access 5000 supports a wide variety of management options. Extensible Markup Language (XML) is used to communicate alarms with a service provider’s Operations Support System (OSS). An Ethernet 10Base-T, 10/100Base-T, or standard RS-232 DB-9 connector is used for Telnet access and connexion to SNMP networks. Additionally, the Total Access 5000 is supported by the ADTRAN Advanced Operational Environment (AOE), providing a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). The Total Access 5000 is designed for deployment in 23-inch relay racks and has 18 access module slots.



Key Features:


  • Two Switch Module slots labeled SM A and SM B
  • System Controller Module slot labeled 10/SCM
  • 18 module slots
  • Integral Removable Fan Module
  • Optional Reusable Fan Filter
  • Redundant power inputs
  • Support for external Fiber Manager (Global Fiber Manager, P/N 1188940G1)






Total Access 5000 18-Slot Shielded International Chassis - 1188001G1



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