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7010 Series

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7010 Series - Arista Networks


High Performance and Power Efficient Data Center Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Data centers demand high-performance networking solutions. The Arista 7010T offers a purpose-built high performance and power-efficient solution for high-density data center deployments. The Arista 7010T series delivers line-rate switching at layer 2 and layer 3 to enable simpler network designs for data centers that lower the network capital and operational expenses. When used in conjunction with the Arista 7000 series of fixed and modular switches it allows networks to scale out in a high-performance two-tier network that provides predictable and consistent application performance.


7010 Series - Arista Networks


Offering a choice of two models the 7010T Series supports both AC or DC power. Both models have 48 RJ45 ports for 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet and 4 SFP+ ports for both 1G or 10G uplink connections using a wide range of optics and cables.


High-Performance Ethernet Access

  • Non-Blocking 48 10/100/1000 Mbps (RJ-45) & four 1/10GbE uplinks (SFP+)
  • Wire-speed Layer 2/3 switching up to 176 Gbps and 132 Mpps
  • 40 gigabits of interconnect capacity from leaf to the spine
  • 4MB packet buffer


Cloud Networking Ready

  • Up to 84K MAC entries
  • Up to 84K IPv4 and 42K IPv6 Host Routes
  • Up to 16K IPv4 and 8K IPv6 Routes
  • 64-way ECMP and 32-port MLAG


Datacenter Optimized

  • Redundant power with power consumption under 1W/port
  • Redundant & hot-swappable fans
  • Field reversible fan module for rear-to-front or front-to-rear cooling
  • 2 post and zero RU mounting


 Arista EOS™

  • Single binary image for all products
  • Fine-grained truly modular network OS
  • Full Access to Linux shell and tools
  • Extensible platform - bash, python, C++


Advanced Provisioning and Monitoring

  • VM Tracer
  • OpenStack and eAPI
  • Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)


7010 Series Technical Specifications

The Arista 7010T family of Ethernet switches combines a compact form factor, low power, and cooling with performance, scalability, availability, and operational ease to meet the demands of today's higher performance enterprises.

Featuring a choice of two models the 7010T Series provides a choice of AC or DC power. Both models have 48 10/100/1000Mb RJ45 ports and 4 SFP+ ports for both 1G or 10G uplink connections with a full range of optics and cables. The Arista 7010T switches offer low latency and a shared packet buffer pool that is allocated dynamically to ports that are congested.


 DescriptionArista 7010 Series High performance and power efficient 1G Ethernet switch
Form Factor 1 RU
Switching Throughput 176 Gbps
Max Forwarding Rate 132 Mpps
10M/100M/1G Interfaces 48 RJ45
10G 4 SFP+ for 1/10G
Latency Under 3 microseconds
Buffer 4MB Shared
MAC Addresses Up to 84K
IPv4 Host Routes Up to 84K
IPv6 Host Routes Up to 42K
IPv4 Routes 16K
IPv6 Routes 8K
Rack Space 1RU
Typical Power 52W for under 1W per port
Power Supplies 2 (1+1 Redundant)
Fans 2 Hot-Swappable (1+1 Redundant)
Airflow Single reversible fan module for front to rear and rear to front


Arista EOS and 7010 Series

The 7010 Series enables highly scalable two-tier network designs with MLAG and ECMP technologies, open protocols, and a comprehensive set of advanced monitoring and provisioning features to meet the demands of high-performance networks.


MLAG - All Active Multipath for Layer 2

  • Standards-based protocol (LACP)
  • Simplified or eliminates Spanning Tree topology
  • Simple to understand and easy to engineer traffic
  • ISSU for fully independent upgrades of MLAG members


ECMP - All Active Multipath for Layer 3

  • Standards-based protocol (OSPF, BGP, ISIS)
  • Eliminates L2 for exceptional scalability and fault tolerance
  • Exceptional scale with consistent performance in 2 tiers


IPv4 and IPv6 Routing Support

  • Comprehensive L2 and L3 forwarding table resources for more design choiceIPv4 and IPv6 Layer 3 routing (OSPF, BGP, ISIS, and PIM), enabling highly resilient multi-path networks.
  • Advanced Monitoring and Provisioning
  • ZTP fully automates network and server provisioning using standards-based protocols and scripting tools


Advanced Event Management suite (AEM)

  • eAPI provides an open interface to EOS to allow Netops to build robust workflow automation
  • OpenStack Neutron Support for integrated orchestration
  • CloudVision for a topology agnostic single point of management
  • VMTracer integration with VMWare to simplify monitoring of physical and virtualized environments


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