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ACE-3600 - RNC Site Gateway


ACE-3600 is an advanced carrier-class gateway, designed for cost-effective backhauling of 3G voice and HSDPA data traffic over next-generation core PSNs (packet-switched networks), including Layer-2, MPLS or IP. Typically located at the 3G RNC site, the unit interconnects with the RNC and converts up to four STM-1/OC-3c (ATM) links to virtual pseudowire (PW) connections that are established over a packet-switched network, using its Gigabit Ethernet interface.


ACE-3600 establishes up to 1024 data pseudowire (PW) connections over a packet-switched network. The following encapsulation methods are supported according to RFC 4717:

  • 1:1 VC/VP – Each VCC/VPC is mapped to a single pseudowire (PW) connection
  • N:1 VC/VP – Several VCs or VPs can be encapsulated to a single PW connection.

ACE-3600 allows single or multiple ATM cells to be encapsulated per Ethernet frame. Over L2 and L3 networks, ACE-3600 uses various encapsulation types: VLANs (virtual LANs), dynamic and static MPLS label assignment, and MPLS in IP.

ACE-3600 - RNC-Site Gateway


ATM over Packet

Converging multiple STM-1/OC-3 links over Gigabit Ethernet, the ACE-3600 uses pseudowire encapsulation to transport real-time ATM traffic over packet technology, with accurate PSN synchronization and distribution schemes. Typically located at RNC sites, the ACE-3600 gateway is a small, modular unit with total front access design. It supports service operators in their migration to all-IP RAN and enables optimized provisioning of mobile broadband and rich-media services.


Key Features:


  • Pseudowire emulation of up to four protected STM-1/OC-3c (ATM) links over Gigabit Ethernet
  • Advanced pseudowire connectivity verification using VCCV-BFD messages
  • End-to-end fault propagation between legacy and packet-switched networks
  • Full ATM switching, scheduling, policing and shaping for separation of HSDPA and voice services
  • Full system redundancy and modular hot-swappable architecture for replacing the interface, power and main modules while maintaining service continuity




ACE-3600- Rad Application 


ACE-3600- Rad Application


ACE-3600- Rad Application



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