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ASMi-52 and ASMi-52L - SHDSL Modems


ASMi-52 is an SHDSL modem/multiplexer that operates in full-duplex mode over the 2- and 4-wire copper lines. Multiple data rates in the range of 64 to 4608 kbps are supported. The data rates depend on the line interface, DTE interface type, and operating clock modes. ASMi-52 employs standard SHDSL TC-PAM technology to extend the transmission range (see Table 1), thus enabling carriers to reach more customers at lower costs. The following DTE interfaces are available: X.21, V.35, RS-530, and G.703/G.704 E1 or T1. For LAN-to-LAN connectivity the modem features a built-in 10/100BaseT bridge Ethernet port with VLAN functionality.

ASMi-52 - 2/4-wire SHDSL Modem/Multiplexer

Extended range with higher data rates

Incorporating TC-PAM technology for extending the transmission range, the SHDSL modems enable carriers to cost-effectively reach more users with copper lines at higher data rates over longer distances in the First Mile. The devices address the data transmission and Ethernet extension needs of enterprise users. Typical users include municipalities, utilities, corporate connectivity, and cellular backhaul providers.


Key Features:


  • SHDSL modem for effective provisioning of TDM and Ethernet data services at rates of up to 4.6 Mbps
  • Ethernet and E1 or serial data services multiplexed over SHDSL
  • Operating range of up to 7.5 km (4.6 miles) on 26 AWG
  • Data rates between 64 kbps and 4608 kbps
  • Special rail-mount metal chassis for railways applications




ASMi-52 - Rad Application 


ASMI-52 - Rad Application


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