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ASMi-54 - SHDSL.bis CPE Modem


ASMi-54LRT is a cost-effective, dedicated managed SHDSL.bis router that extends the range of high-speed services over existing copper pairs. The router is used for Ethernet and E1 service extension at rates of up to 22.8 Mbps using bonding technology.

Using TC-PAM 16 or TC-PAM 32 line coding SHDSL.bis technology, the router can operate in full-duplex mode over 2/4/8-wire lines at data rates of up to 5.7/11.4/22.8 Mbps. The SHDSL line features TPS-TC framing 64/65o for EFM (IEEE802.3) and HDLC (G.991.2) encapsulation.

ASMi-54LRT performs line probing according to G.991.2. When enabled, the DSL interface adapts its rate to the condition of the line (noise, loop attenuation, etc.). When disabled, the DSL line operates at a fixed rate selected by the user. ASMi-54LRT can operate as a CO device or a CPE device according to user configuration.

ASMi-54 - SHDSL.bis CPE Modem

Point-to-point, hub-and-spoke and drop-and-insert connectivity over copper and fiber

The managed SHDSL.bis modems extend E1 and mid-band Ethernet services over multi pair-bonded copper links. Ensuring reliable performance over poor quality or noisy lines, the devices employ next-generation SHDSL technology and EFM bonding to achieve variable data rates of up to 22.8 Mbps. The ASMi-54 family is ideal for service providers, mobile operators, enterprises, utilities, and transportation companies. The devices feature a compact, half 19-inch enclosure, with optional rail-mountable metal enclosure for deployment in extreme temperature environments.


Key Features:


  • SHDSL.bis modem with an integrated router for small/medium businesses (SOHO/SME users)
  • Data rates of up to 5.7 Mbps over 2-wire, 11.4 Mbps over 4-wire or 22.8 Mbps over 8-wire lines
  • Dual Bearer mode for E1 and Ethernet HDLC over 2-wire and 4-wire lines
  • SHDSL bonding – for EFM: PAF according to IEEE802.3, for HDLC: M-Pair according to G.991.2
  • 4-port 10/100BaseT interface with integrated bridge or router packet forwarding
  • Fully compatible with ASMi-54/ASMi-54L standalone modem




ASMi-54 - Rad Application 


ASMi-54 - Rad Application


ASMi-54 - Rad Application


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