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DXC-5 - High Capacity Hybrid Cross-Connect


DXC-5 balances TDM and packet transport in a way unique to the industry. Its hybrid architecture allows for three transport modes: TDM-over-packet transport, hybrid TDM and packet transport, and all packet transport, based on identical hardware, software, and features. This flexibility creates a unique opportunity for network designs, by optimizing every service based on the service requirements, without the limitations of a particular technology. In addition, DXC-5 reduces operations costs by using a single platform for these service requirements and avoiding the need for multiple devices at any site.

When compared to the life cycle costs of separate TDM and packet networks, DXC-5 reduces power consumption, software costs, training costs and the number of modules. Network utilization is also improved by using the full bandwidth of the packet and TDM transport. Packet and E1/T1 services can be transported over Ethernet or SDH/SONET. Since each slot can directly access the Packet and TDM switches at the same time, services can be matched to best technology whether that is maximizing efficiency with statistical multiplexing or minimizing latency. This slot flexibility has the benefit that each port on each module can be individually routed via software to the appropriate switch reducing operations costs.

DXC-5’s transport flexibility ensures the lowest transport cost per bit. With the ability to perform statistical multiplexing, low-cost TDM switching and DWDM in the same device, new services can use the lowest cost infrastructure across the entire network. By matching the service interface to the best switch and the best transport method (Ethernet or SDH/SONET),

DXC-5 - High Capacity Hybrid Cross-Connect

Seamless migration to next-generation operational networks

The DXC-5 reduces operational costs by using a single platform for all service requirements. Critical infrastructure network operators choose the DXC-5 as it coexists with legacy cross connects, then seamlessly replaces them when they reach end-of-life status, allowing the addition of new services and bandwidth capacity. DXC-5’s transport flexibility ensures that services are matched to the best technology to meet their requirements. By performing service multiplexing over packet, DS1-level TDM switching and DWDM in the same device, it reduces the transport cost per bit and ensures mission-critical reliability with minimal latency.


Key Features:


  • High-density Ethernet/SDH/SONET
  • MPLS-TP and Traffic-Engineered Pseudowires
  • Synchronization: BITS, SyncE
  • High capacity: STM-64/OC-192, 10 GbE
  • Sub-50ms protection: 1:1, BLSR, PW, ERPS
  • Carrier Ethernet: CE 2.0 Certified
  • Optional TDM circuit emulation




DXC-5 - Rad Application 


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