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DXC Family - Digital Cross Connects


DXC-8R/10A/30 are the modular multiservice access nodes provide non-blocking cross-connection of up to 960 timeslots, over up to 120 ports. Plug-in interface modules enable n × 64/56 kbps, E1, T1, or T3 transmission over copper or fiber lines.

To meet the needs of different applications, the DXC 8R/10A/30 family has three chassis variants:

  • DXC-8R (1U-high) chassis with 4 I/O module slots
  • DXC-10A (1U-high) chassis with 5 I/O module slots
  • DXC-30 (3U-high) chassis with 15 I/O module slots.

All units can be mounted in 19-inch racks.

DXC-8R/10A/30 - Multiservice Access Nodes

Non-blocking cross-connect for up to 120 lines

The point-to-multipoint devices can broadcast any traffic combination from a single input to numerous destinations and provide non-blocking cross-connect for up to 120 lines. The DXC family modular digital cross-connect units support E1/T1 conversion, inverse multiplexing, signaling monitoring, grooming of fractional traffic, and transmission of T1 circuits over E1 lines. 


Key Features:


  • Non-blocking digital cross-connect and traffic grooming
  • E1/T1 conversion, including A-law/μ-law and signaling conversion
  • E1, T1, T3, and n × 56/64 kbps services over copper or fiber media
  • Optional common logic and power supply redundancy
  • Inband, out-of-band, and RADview SNMP management




DXC Family - Rad Application 


DXC Family - Rad Application


DXC Family - Rad Application


DXC Family - Rad Application


DXC Family - Rad Application



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