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Egate-100 - Gigabit Ethernet over TDM Aggregation Gateway


Egate-100 is a Gigabit Ethernet over TDM aggregation gateway that interconnects packet networks via PDH access. The device features next-generation Ethernet over PDH encapsulation and bonding capabilities, including standard protocol generic framing procedure (GFP, G-8040), virtual concatenation (VCAT G.7043), and link capacity adjustment scheme (LCAS G.7042).]

Ethernet traffic over E1/T1 lines or T3 links is aggregated and transferred to the packet-switched network via the unit’s Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The device provides the following aggregations (depending on the configuration):

  • Up to 42 remote LANs over bonded n ´ E1/T1 lines for GFP-VCAT and 60 remote LANs for MLPPP
  • Up to 84 remote LANs over T1 circuits
  • Up to 126 remote LANs over fractional E1/T1 circuits.

Due to its service scalability, small footprint, and low power consumption, Egate-100 significantly reduces equipment costs and simplifies network operation. Egate-100 is certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) for MEF

Egate-100  - Gigabit Ethernet over TDM Aggregation Gateway

Ethernet Private Line services with NG-PDH encapsulation and bonding

The Egate-100 leverages widely available PDH/SDH/SONET networks to deliver carrier-class Ethernet Private Line (EPL) services at granular rates, from a fractional E1/T1 to bonded n x E1/T1 channels. The Egate-100 supports NG-PDH encapsulation and bonding standards, such as generic framing procedure (GFP), virtual concatenation (VCAT) and link capacity adjustment scheme (LCAS).

The Egate-100 Gigabit Ethernet over TDM gateway is typically deployed in a central location to aggregate Ethernet user traffic received from a large number of remote units, such as RAD’s RICi Ethernet demarcation devices, providing a complete access solution from the service provider’s central site to the customer premises.


Key Features:


  • Central site Ethernet over TDM aggregates Gigabit Ethernet traffic over three channelized T3 Ports or TDM fiber interface
  • Combines data streams from multiple remote sites of varying link capacities and encapsulation technologies
  • Gigabit port protection and dual power supply ensures higher service uptime
  • Priority and queuing schemes allow differentiated services on the same link
  • Transports Ethernet services transparently.




EGATE-100  - Rad Application 


EGATE-100  - Rad Application


EGATE-100  - Rad Application


EGATE-100  - Rad Application


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