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FCD-IP - E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 Access Unit with Integrated Router


RAD’s FCD-IP access unit with an integrated router is an E1/T1 or fractional E1/T1 access device that enables service providers to bundle data, voice and IP access services over a single E1 or T1 access line.


FCD-IP - E1/T1 Access Unit with Integrated Router

Voice, data and internet connectivity over low-rate TDM

The FCD-IP supports WAN services such as E1 or T1, Frame Relay with auto-learn and ISDN BRI for data backup. An integrated router supports IP routing and transparent bridging. It is an ideal solution for small to medium-size companies requiring voice and data connectivity and internet access via low rate TDM lines.


Key Features:


  • Provides bundled services (data, IP, and telephony) over E1/T1 access lines
  • E1/T1 uplink over copper or fiber optic media
  • Operates opposite RAD's DXC cross-connect system and Megaplex access multiplexers
  • Supports Frame Relay, PPP, and MLPPP




FCD-IP - Rad Application 


FCD-IP - Rad Application


FCD-IP - Rad Application

FCD-IP - Rad Application



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