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IPmux-155L - Hub-Site Pseudowire Access Gateway


IPmux®-155L is a pseudowire gateway that transports TDM traffic (originating from legacy circuit-switched networks) over packet-switched networks (PSNs). This is achieved by converting TDM data streams coming from the TDM ports into packets transported over the PSN.


IPmux-155L -  Hub-Site Pseudowire Access Gateway

Multi-standard pseudowire gateway and a wire-speed Ethernet switch

Working opposite CPEs, such as the IPmux-24, IPmux-2L, IPmux-4L, IPmux-4LGE and MiTOP-E1, the IPmux-155L functions as a pseudowire termination unit and sends TDM pseudowire bundles from remote units to SDH/PDH backbones while Ethernet traffic is directed to packet networks. Featuring multi-standard pseudowire capabilities and a wire-speed, non-blocking Ethernet switch, the IPmux-155L hub-site pseudowire access gateway allows enterprises to replace expensive leased lines with cost-effective packet transport and offers an ideal solution for economical PSTN access and PBX backhaul, including standards-based ring topology.


Key Features:


  • High capacity pseudowire gateway, transporting TDM traffic (fully populated channelized STM-1 stream or up to 32 E1 channels) over packet-switched networks
  • Pseudowire technology, compliant with IETF, MFA Forum and ITU-T standards for
  • Pseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3)
  • Aggregation of 32 fiber optic or electrical Fast Ethernet interfaces into four Gigabit Ethernet links
  • 1U or 2U, 19” enclosure with redundant power supply and fan units




IPmux-155L - Rad Application 



IPmux-155L - Rad Application 


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