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IPmux-1E - TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway


IPmux®-1E provides legacy services over packet networks. The device converts the
data stream from its user E1/T1, analog telephone or ISDN ports into packets for transmission over the network. The frame format of these packets is IP or Ethernet. These packets are transmitted via the
IPmux-1E Ethernet network port to the PSN. A remote pseudowire device converts the packets back to the original user traffic format.

A powerful internal Layer-2 Ethernet switch provides a user Ethernet port with rate limiting and port-based VLAN tagging capabilities. The device supports standard IP features, such as ICMP (ping), ARP, next-hop and default gateway.



IPmux-1E - TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway

ISDN BRI, E1/T1 or FXS/FXO/E&M over packet

Using TDM pseudowire technology, the IPmux-1E delivers ISDN BRI, echo-canceled E1/T1 or FXS/FXO/E&M services over packet transport, in addition to enabling transparent LAN bridging. It supports carriers in their migration to next-generation networks by allowing them to continue generating revenues from their ongoing legacy services over PSNs. The ease of installation and support for legacy and next-generation Ethernet and IP-based services make it ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Key Features:


  • Transporting E1, T1, ISDN and analog phone traffic over packet-switched networks
  • Four FXS, FXO or E&M voice ports for standard analog telephones and key system connections
  • Four standard S0 NT or TE interfaces for ISDN basic rate service
  • Minimal processing delay (under 3 msec)
  • Configurable jitter buffer to compensate for network packet delay




IPmux-1E - Rad Application 


 IPmux-1E - Rad Application


IPmux-1E - Rad Application



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